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Facebook private message rumour is 'false', site says

The rapid expansion of the virtual world has posed various threats to the privacy of an individual. In an age of the social media sites, users always have constant sense of insecurity when it comes to their private data. Facebook, one of the most accessed social networking sites has various settings when it comes to controlling user information. Users can share information with the world by making their data public or use customized settings in order to control what they share.

EU bank reform in spot as Germany and France wrangle

EU bank reform in spot as Germany and France wrangle

The proposed European Union bank reform is in a spot of bother as Germany and France, the two biggest economies of the troubled region, spar over the proposed reforms.

Belarus On EU’s Sanctions Hitlist

Continuing human rights abuse and a reluctance to free political prisoners has led EU widen its scope of sanction on Belarus’s authoritarian regime.

Sarkozy Takes First Poll's Lead After Bashing At EU Policies

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is leading the first round of presidential elections according to the opinion polls which has predicted the election to be a two horse race.

Iran Halts crude oil supply to France and Britain

Tension between Iran and western countries has intensified after the former stopped crude oil supply to France and Britain against the tightened EU sanctions.

Euro Debt Crisis: What Led to It?

The U.S.

U.S. Airlines oppose EU’s Emission Trading Scheme

The US Airlines are vehemently opposing the measures proposed by the European Union to control the greenhouse gas emissions and have moved its highest Court. The EU is going to charge the airlines for the carbon dioxide emissions by planes flying over Europe.

Greece Parliament to debate austerity measures

The parliament of Greece is going to start discussions on the austerity measures which the European Union and the IMF want to pass before distributing the next installment of the bailout programme.

Banks fail to pass on business loan funds

Brussels -- Billions of dollars in funding intended to help small businesses in Europe were held up by banks, a watchdog group said Wednesday.

European Union finance ministers approved the $20 billion aid for small businesses as credit began to dry up in 2008, the EUobserver reported.
But a watchdog group, Bankwatch, based in the Czech Republic, said the European Investment Bank has only handed out 74 percent of the funds to commercial banks and that only 69 percent of what was disbursed was distributed through small business loans.

Commercial banks, the figures indicate, held onto half of the $20 billion funds that targeted small businesses.

Europe warms to post-cold war Russia

Brussels -- Opening Russian archives concerning a 1940 mass murder of Poles is a big step toward improved international relations, a European Union official said.

EU Commissioner of Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fuele in Warsaw said, "We need to recognize that the psychological process of reconciliation following the Cold War has run its course. Recent Polish-Russian efforts in this respect are of crucial relevance here."

Monday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, also in Poland, said Russia would open archives concerning the massacre of 22,000 Poles in the Katyn Forest under the Stalin regime, the EUobserver reported Tuesday.