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A Strategy for All Situations

For a long time, I've felt like the cat that caught the canary. Despite being a Fool since 1994, I've been using stock options this past decade and realized years ago what a strategic, useful, and profitable tool they can be -- even for a long-term stock investor.

7 Reasons to Worry About Next Year

The year is ending on an upbeat note. The Dow hit a two-year high this week, and most investors appear to believe that the economy will continue to improve in 2011. Well, not so fast.

Here's That Dreaded Reverse Split!

Attempts to lift Evergreen Solar (Nasdaq: ESLR) out of the penny-stock swamp by natural means aren't working. Here comes the reverse split! Evergreen will trade under the new symbol ESLRD for 20 days starting tomorrow (yes, the split happens on a Saturday). The market is taking this in stride as the plan was approved months ago and largely finalized this month. Monday morning, Evergreen's shares should be worth about $3 per share, reflecting a 1-for-6 reverse split.

Pharma Ups the Dividend Ante

 There's no way to sugarcoat this: It was not a pretty year for pharmaceutical companies. While the S&P saw substantial gains over the last year, with the exception of Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY) and Novartis (NYSE: NVS), every other major pharmaceutical company listed on the U.S. exchange saw their shares decrease. And neither of the two that were in positive territory actually surpassed the S&P 500.


4-Star Stocks Poised to Pop: Aegean Marine Petroleum


How to Play Akamai in 2011

 Each year, we take a look back in order to look ahead. We do this by industry, by trend, and ultimately by stock. Here's a closer look at Akamai Technologies(Nasdaq: AKAM), Fool style.

This Behemoth Is Down, But Not Out


Running a 24-hour live chat for charity was a challenge of my endurance as well as my mind. Plenty of great companies were brought up in our discussion, especially a few that had somehow fallen off my radar.

Still Too Early to Cheer Housing Starts

 We recently learned that housing starts "beat" expectations in November, rising 3.9% over the previous month. I am not a housing expert, but I thought increasing supply in an already oversaturated market with depressed demand is a bad thing. However, a recent Bloomberg article discusses why more homebuilding is a positive for the economy as it would add a significant amount of jobs to the economy. While this may be true, I believe improvement would be offset by a continuing decline in home prices.

Why Old Dominion Freight Line's Earnings Aren't So Hot

Although business headlines still tout earnings numbers, many investors have moved past net earnings as a measure of a company's economic output. That's because earnings are very often less trustworthy than cash flow, since earnings are more open to manipulation based on dubious judgment calls.

Is King Pharmaceuticals' Stock Cheap by the Numbers?

Numbers can lie -- but they're the best first step in determining whether a stock is a buy. In this series, we use some carefully chosen metrics to size up a stock's true value based on the following clues: