Money Matters - Simplified


Twitter: The new political propaganda tool!

Twitter, a leading online social networking site states that because of its paid tweets or text messages, help can be rendered to the politicians in driving campaign contributions as well as in garnering attention of the people.

Boy with deformed face robbed of donation, support still pours in

The efforts have certainly not gone waste for the Sullivan family! Though they have been robbed of money they had collected for their 9-year-old son, Aidan Sullivan's surgery, support is still pouring in for them.

Record donation for celiac disease work

Baltimore -- A record $45 million donation for research into celiac disease has been received by the University of Maryland, school officials say.

Researchers at the university's Center for Celiac Research said the donation for work on the autoimmune disease came from the family of a grateful patient from India, the Baltimore Sun reported Thursday.

The donation is the largest single gift ever received by the UM system, the newspaper said.

Center Director Dr. Alessio Fasano said the donation would be used to create an institute eventually employing up to 200 doctors and researchers.

Charity on Budget

In an already tight financial condition it indeed seems difficult to shell-out for the purpose of charity. But, there is always a way out if you’ve decided you must.

British Museum receives $38 million

London -- The British Museum says Lord Sainsbury, the former head of the British supermarket giant, has made the largest single donation to the arts in 25 years.giant

The Conservative peer has donated $38 million to the museum for new exhibition space and a conservation center, The Guardian reported Sunday.

Sainsbury's gift is possibly the largest from a living donor since John Paul Getty gave $76 million to the National Gallery in 1985 and $61 million to the British Film Institute in 1985, The Sunday Times reported.

"This is an incredibly important project for the British Museum and has been planned for a long time. This donation is a vital part of the project," a museum spokeswoman said, describing the gift as "incredibly generous."

Brangelina donate $1 million for Haiti sufferers

Los Angeles, January 14 -- Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have come forward to offer help to the millions left in ruins after the Haiti earthquake. The couple’s foundation is contributing $1 million for the aid of the victims.

Filmmaker Tyler Perry gifts $1mn to NAACP

Los Angeles, CA, November 25 -- U.S. filmmaker and comic actor Tyler Perry has donated $1 million to NAACP, the country’s largest and oldest civil rights organization, reported People magazine.

One more generous donation from Brangelina

Los Angeles, June 19: U.S. actress and humanitarian aid worker Angelina Jolie and her long-time partner Brad Pitt donated $1 million on Thursday to the United Nations Refugee Agency, UN High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR), to help displaced people in Pakistan, according to several tabloid reports.

Another generous donation from Brangelina

Los Angeles, June 15: Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt and family have donated $1 million to a Missouri hospital this weekend, according to a local tabloid’s report.

Expert: Economy impacting organ donations

Richmond -- An official with the United Network for Organ Sharing says there has been a drop in organ donations from live and deceased donors amid the U.S. recession.

Michael Shapiro, a United Network board member, said the number of deceased donors involved in transplant procedures decreased in 2008, marking the first time in 20 years such an organ transplant decrease occurred, The Miami Herald said Thursday.

Shapiro said registering for organ transplants has also decreased since the end of 2008, likely as the result of the country's economic woes.