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Merging an ancient 500-Million-Year-Old DNA into Modern E-coli Bacteria! Molecular rewinding of life?

Is evolution being re-staged by the scientists? We hold on to the sides of our chairs as the scientists burn their midnight oil trying to recreate a dinosaur in their laboratories.They have been successful with bacteria and ancient plants and now have finally managed to merge a bacteria with a 500 year old gene !

Many theropod species were vegetarians--study

According to a new study released Monday, numerous dinosaurs’ species, previously believed to be strictly carnivores, were vegans who ate plants rather than animals.

Dinosaur fossil may show oldest feathers

Madrid -- Spanish paleontologists say they've uncovered a new dinosaur fossil in central Spain with what may be the earliest evidence of feathers.

Concavenator corcovatus, meaning "meat eater from Cuenca with a hump," is a type of dinosaur known as a theropod, the BBC reported Wednesday.

The most primitive forms of theropods have been found in England and now Spain. These finds date from the Lower Cretaceous, somewhere between 100 million and 146 million years ago.

Theropods are a significant group of dinosaurs because it is from this group that birds originated.

"They are a very important group of dinosaurs because within this group there are the birds," Professor Jose Sanz of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid said.

Fossil of humpback dinosaur found in Spain

Spanish paleontologists on Wednesday announced that while digging near Cuenca, in central Spain, they have discovered fossil of a new species of dinosaur with humpback.

150-pound dino sculpture stolen from yard

Midlothian, Ill. -- A suburban Chicago couple said thieves stole a 6-foot-long, 150-pound steel sculpture of a dinosaur from their front yard.

Gary and Cathy Crawford said they discovered the 3-foot-tall velociraptor had been knocked off its concrete base in their Midlothian yard Friday morning and they put in back in place, only for the item to be stolen later Friday night, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday.

The couple said police have been notified but they will not file criminal charges if the sculpture, which Gary Crawford created 12 years ago, is returned. They said their biggest fear is that the thieves will sell the dinosaur for scrap metal.

Evidence proves the existence of T. Rex in Australia

According to a new study published in the journal ‘Science’ on Thursday, a team of Paleontologists uncovered evidence proving the existence of T. Rex’s ancestors in Australia.

Paleontologists discover new dinosaur skulls in Utah

Researchers from Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah, have discovered a new species of dinosaurs that are believed to have existed 105 million years ago. The researchers shared their findings on Tuesday.

Hubble spots asteroid collision; experts see link to dinosaurs' extinction

New York, February 3 -- NASA’s Hubble Telescope has spotted the first head on collision between two asteroids last week. This is the first time that scientists have detected an interplanetary collision between two heavenly objects.

Scientists get clear evidence on color of dinosaurs

New York, January 28 -- A study lead by China’s Institute for Vertebrate Paleontology has got the first clear evidence of dinosaur colors from 125-million-year-old fossil of dinosaur ‘Sinosauropteryx.’ The ‘Sinosauropteryx’ was an orange colored dinosaur with white stripes on its tail.

Students confirm 1920s dinosaur find

Edmonton -- Three University of Alberta paleontology graduate students have confirmed an 85-year-old dinosaur find, discrediting a 1970s revision of the discovery.

Victoria Arbour, Mike Burns and Robin Sissons focused on the fossilized remains of a 76-million-year old armadillo-like, armored dinosaur discovered in 1924 in southern Alberta by the late Canadian paleontologist William Parks.

After traveling to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and conducting a detailed examination of the skeleton, the students discovered the specimen had been misidentified as the anklyosaur species Euoplocephalus during a middle 1970s re-classification, supposedly correcting the original 1924 research by Parks.