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Cameron Diaz -- the most dangerous internet celeb

Cameron Diaz could be dangerous for your computer. According to tech security company McAfee, Diaz is most likely to get you computer viruses, if you look up for her on the internet.

Experts: Calif. beach slime not dangerous

Santa Ana, Calif. -- Experts said they have not identified the slimy, neon-green substance seen floating at some California beaches, but they do not believe it is harmful.

Larry Honeybourne, program manager for the Orange County Health Care Agency, said the substance, which has been reported at beaches between Seal Beach and Lowers, has yet to be identified, but testing found no signs of bacterial contamination and no illnesses have yet been attributed to it, The Orange County Register reported Tuesday.

Some experts told the Long Beach Press Telegram the substance may be a bright-green algal bloom caused by rising temperatures in the water. However, local surfers and lifeguards said the substance is unlike any algae they have seen in past years.

Imitating Lady Gaga's 'big-eyed' look can be dangerous

More and more teen girls are going crazy about Lady Gaga style ‘big eyes.’ But they don’t know how much hazardous it can be for their health.

FDA panel recommends tanning bed ban for teens

Tanning beds, once thought to be safer than the sun, could be dangerous, especially for children and teens, according to an FDA advisory panel. The agency panel wants new restrictions on tanning beds, banning minors from using the devices.

Miley Cyrus warns kids against internet

Teen Queen Miley Cyrus thinks internet is waste of time and she despises the idea of pouring over her personal details on the web.

Parents should cautiously use baby slings--CPSC

Baby slings may seem an easy method of carrying a baby. They may provide comfort to the baby but slings could also prove perilous in many instances.

'My Way' a dangerous song in Philippines

General Santos, Philippines -- Singing the U.S. hit "My Way" in a karaoke bar in the Philippines can result in death as part of a troubling trend across the country, authorities say.

The New York Times said Sunday while authorities do not have a definitive number of murder or assault cases involving individuals who sang the Frank Sinatra hit, at least six victims were reported by the media during the last decade alone.

Rodolfo Gregorio of the city of General Santos said while he enjoy singing karaoke, "My Way" remains one song he will never again attempt in public.

"I used to like 'My Way,' but after all the trouble, I stopped singing it," he said. "You can get killed."

The Times said the "My Way" crimes are not the first time violence was linked with karaoke.

Amy Winehouse pleads guilty to assault charges

London, January 20 -- Amy Winehouse can be dangerous when she’s drunk. The British singer yanked the hair of a theater manager during a Christmas pantomime this past December. This morning she pleaded guilty to common assault and public order charges at Milton Keynes Magistrates' Court.

FDA urges families to limit BPA exposure

Los Angeles, January 18:Debate about the controversial chemical BPA is heating up after the US Food and Drug Administration changed its mind over the weekend on the chemical, which is widely used in the manufacture of baby feeding bottles and in other plastic items.

Study: Excessive TV-watching can shorten life span

Los Angeles, CA, January 12 -- Watching too much television could be harmful for human life, warns a new Australian study. Spending hour upon hour in front of TV may put an individual at a greater risk of dying at an earlier age, especially from heart disease, suggests the study.