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Virginia 'Best State for Business in 2011' -- CNBC study

Virginia has been selected as the best state for business for the year 2011 by the CNBC news channel. Last year’s winner Texas ranked second in the ongoing tussle between the two states as they continue to capture the top slots alternatively every year.

The Best Fool Interviews of 2010

As the chief instigator on The Motley Fool's wildly popular radio show, Chris Hill has the opportunity to talk with some of the brightest minds in the world of finance and economics. Today, he provides a frank rundown of his six favorite guests (in no particular order) on Motley Fool Money, the one-hour weekly business radio show syndicated to radio stations across America and available on iTunes.

These Tech Stocks Will Make Me Rich

 Welcome to week 119 of my stock-picking throwdown with Mr. Market. Let's get right to the numbers.


Morgan Stanley to handle sale of Treasury's stake in Citigroup

The Treasury Department announced on Monday that investment banking firm Morgan Stanley will handle the sale of government’s stake in Citigroup Inc. A Treasury spokesperson said that the agreement would be made public later this week.

Does CNBC Matter?

CNBC seems a little lost these days.

I don't want to get caught up in the seedy world of financial news gossip, but the ticker network has recently been making more news than it has been reporting. Not that we care for the tittle-tattle, but what and who you listen to can be hazardous to your portfolio.