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China’s Moon Mission Might Interfere With LADEE Project Of NASA

China is all set to launch its very own mission to moon but would not proceed until it hears from NASA that is conducting a lunar mission at present.

HTC pins hopes on China to revive fortunes

‘The massive Chinese market is the answer to smartphone manufacturer’s woes,’ so thinks HTC.

Apple stuck in the middle?

'Disappointment' is one word which was not associated with Apple Inc. Unfortunately for Cupertino-based behemoth, that era appears to have come to an end.

US regulators scrutinizing JP Morgan’s hiring practices in China

JPMorgan Chase & Co’s hiring practices in China have come under the scrutiny of U.S. authorities.

Spammiership countries! US leads Dirty Dozen list

Guess what folks, which is the top spam-relaying country? It’s the United States of America! USA takes the crown and is closely followed by Belarus. Reports confirm that the top twelve spam-relaying countries called the Dirty Dozen have been disclosed by Sophus , the security firm.

Apple starts selling iPhone through China Mobile

Two behemoths have joined hands to bring the iPhone within the grasp of the Chinese consumers. The agreement between Apple Inc. and China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile phone operator, is being assessed by all concerned.

US, China to form working group on cybersecurity

US, China to form working group on cybersecurity

In a bid to prevent hacking attacks, the US and China have joined hands to form a working group on cybersecurity and work toward more trust and cooperation in this area.

Apple quietly updates Maps application for several cities!

Hats off to Apple! The tech giant quickly deals with issues pointed out on its operating system!! The company has been quietly upgrading and tweaking its new Maps app after reports of inaccuracies and misplaced cities and towns continued to flow.

Eastern Europe emerges as a key suspect for cyber crimes

China has been the main suspect for recent cyber attacks on U.S. corporates, government networks, and other organizations. But according to latest Bloomberg reports, Eastern Europe may be the real culprit behind most of the cyber attacks.

Samsung and LG accused of running a cartel for LCD displays in China

Samsung and LG are among the world's largest makers of LCD displays

China has found Samsung and LG guilty of setting a price cartel for flat-panel displays in the country.