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Google Nexus 5, up-ready for ‘end October’ release

Wowe! That’s great news folks! It seems, the release date for the Google Nexus 5 is approaching closer. October gets Google Nexus 5 lucky, according to the reports!

Swipe away!! MTV offers Rs.9, 490, Swipe MTV Slash tablet

The MTV and Swipe handshake is shaking out some more good news!! Now the two closely bound in partnerships have rolled out a Swipe MTV Slash tablet for the Indian markets at Rs. 9,499. But before you rush off to the physical stores, just pop online to grab your device because that is where they will be available at the moment!

Google versions of Samsung S4 and HTC One: First Look

The replicas of Samsung's Galaxy S4 and HTC One to match the Google Android software are out and are quite similar to the earlier versions, except for missing the original touch the earlier versions had.

Now, a camera that gathers scents!

What do most of us do to capture personal moments to iconic events? We take photographs and record audio and video clips to remind us of that special time and place!

Google Glass celebrates with first software update!

It's celebration time for the Google Glass lovers! First software update for the Google glass is under distribution and enamors the user with new features!

Immensely useful tips to know your iPhone 5 better

Lets tell you about a few tricks and ways to use the iPhone 5 that is splashed with countless supportive features for the user. Most of its millions of users are unaware of the myriad features that are incorporated in the latest version of this iconic phone.

Gadget Review: Sony RX100 Camera

Weighing at 240 gms, new Sony RX100 is the lightest professional camera in its competition.

The astounding Nokia Lumia 920 ad: forged? Nokia blurts apology!

The Nokia’s advertisement for its new flagship appliance, the new Lumia 920, seems to be “forged “. The company has recently launched the device, to stand up to the Android and iOS devices, the Smartphone choice of many. The Lumia 920 uses the Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 OS to perform. Nokia displays the astounding feats of the camera performance through its “new ad “, but the ad seems to be a phony!

Amazing feat: Imperial cormorant dives 150 ft underwater in 40 secs!

A team of researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the National Research Council of Argentina equipped an imperial cormorant with a tiny camera on its back to get a glimpse of how it traveled to the ocean floor in search of food.

Camera on Hawaiian seals back to speak out their unspoken “sealed" story

The Carnivorous Hawaiian Seals or the pinnipeds are being pointed at for eyeing the invertebrate and fish catches of the fishermen. Rumors claim that the seals have attacked and devoured the fishermen’s fish supply. In retaliation 4 seals of this endangered species have been laid to rest by humans. The government scientists have come up with a mind blowing idea! They plan to paste submersible cameras on the backs of the seals to catch the live footage of their activities.