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Diabetics beware! Your insulin pump can be hacked

In the current age of cyber insecurity, even medical devices are vulnerable to hacks. A security researcher has found that insulin pumps for diabetics may be in danger of being the latest target of computer hackers.

Celiac disease on the rise in the aged--study

Contrary to the popular belief, celiac disease, a condition in which the body can't digest gluten, is not a disorder that emerges during childhood in response to initial exposure to gluten but can also develop as one gets older, claims a new study.

Drinking beer can give women a red, itchy, scaly skin

Women who consume beer on a regular basis are more susceptible to develop psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that causes scaly lesions on the skin, findings of a new study claim.

Lady Gaga-Michael Jackson were to do a duet

Lady Gaga was supposed to perform with Michael Jackson on his come back tour, she revealed during an appearance at Larry King’s prime-time show on Tuesday night.