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4 Drugmakers, 5 Deals, Christmas Is Here

It looks like a lot of people in the business development offices at pharmaceutical companies were looking to get their work done before taking off for the holidays. Check out all the deals announced yesterday.

Why Chimpanzees Invest Better Than You

If you've ever seen the howling mob of chaos that regularly erupts on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, you can probably understand the tendency to compare investors to a gaggle of apes. But a recent Duke University study has proved that investors and their primate pals a few rungs down the evolutionary ladder may not be quite as similar as you'd think.

Basics of Borrowing from Buddies

Friendship and money, they say, should be kept poles apart to maintain the relationship’s sanctity. The Money Times explores ways of asking your friend to lend you some money in dire situations.

Acorns abound in Florida

Orlando, Fla. -- Experts in Florida said oak trees have been dropping a higher-than-usual amount of acorns this season, but no one knows why.

Orlando forestry manager Andy Kittsley said there are "definitely a bunch more" acorns falling from the trees this year with the sound of the falling objects often mimicking heavy rain, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Tuesday.

The exerts said the increased acorn production, known as a mast or bumper year, happens every few years, but no one has yet determined the cause.

BPA found in 91 percent of Canadians

Ottawa -- Researchers say 91 percent of Canadians age 6 to 70 have detectable amounts of the controversial chemical bisphenol A in their systems.

The figures were released as part of a study by the Canadian Health Measures Survey in which blood and urine of a representative sample of Canadians was analyzed for indicators of more than 80 environmental contaminants, a Statistics Canada release said Monday.

BPA is an industrial chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins for food containers, water bottles and protective linings for canned food and beverages. It does not occur naturally in the environment.