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Ex-beau sues 'Jwoww' for $700,000

New York -- The ex-beau of reality television's "Jwoww" has sued the actor for helping make her a star and getting her free plastic surgery, his lawyer in New York said.

Tom Lippolis, 24, said "Jersey Shore" actress Jenni Farley, called "Jwoww" on the program, owes him $700,000 for advancing her career, and arranging for free plastic surgery, the New York Post reported.

Lippolis said he "dumped" Farley because she allegedly cheated on him.
Lippolis said he arranged for "a boob job, cellulite reduction, fat reduction" worth up to $40,000, without charge from a surgeon, who did the work so he could say he was "Jwoww's" doctor.

"She thinks she is on the top of the world, that she doesn't have to pay anybody," said Lippolis.