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A sixth-generation “iPhone Air” in the pipeline?

When it comes to the Apple, it’s never too soon to start speculating about the next device in the pipeline!

Harley-Davidson 3rd quarterly earnings & sales rise sharply

Harley-Davidson Inc. said Tuesday that its third-quarter income in 2013 rose sharply compared to the same period last year.

Pop-up store of Samsung at Copenhagen Airport

DENMARK: Samsung has opened a pop-up shop at Copenhagen Airport. The Consumer electronics manufacturer has started the shop in the Nytorv area between Terminals 2 and 3. It lays alongside Eton, Marc by Marc Jacobs and the Danish high end bakery chain Lagkagehuset.

It's shutters for UK-based Blitz Games Studios!

It's shutters for the highly reputed UK developer Blitz Games Studios known for many popular titles, including tie-ins such as Shrek, Spongebob Squarepants and Mickey Mouse!

NASA News: 1800s Glacier Retreat from Alps Diagnosed by NASA Team

A team of scientists has discovered the "something" missing from the equation of previously conducted 1800s glacier retreat study. The conflict in the data of glaciologists and climatologists of Alps seems to be resolved after this endeavor by NASA.

Twitter rolls out ‘one-click button’ to tackle online abuse!

In a crackdown on nasty behavior and a deluge of threatening messages directed at users of the site, Twitter has unveiled a new anti-abusive policy.

$53 million of jewels stolen at Cannes in broad daylight!

A jewelry exhibition at the luxury hotel in Cannes during the peak tourist season was perhaps too much temptation for someone!

Apple refunds $6,000 for 8-year-old girl’s game bill

Surprise! Surprise! Apple Inc has issued a refund worth about $6,000 to UK man not for a defective gadget or a dysfunction app but for a massive bill racked up by his eight-year-old daughter on “free” iPad games.

Forget text, new iPhone addon sends ''Smoke'' messages!

Communicate with iPhone Smoke Signals - says Dennis de Bel

Is it possible you could make a phone call from your iPhone when there is no phone signal? The answer is, Yes! A German hacker has made it possible for you.

Facebook dying as teens switch to simpler networks, study finds

Yet another nail in the coffin of Facebook driven by mature teenagers as a recent study has found out that this social networking platform is considered as “dead and buried” by older teenage population. The users of Facebook have decreased drastically as there is a huge increase in the amount of usage of other social media websites like that of Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and WhatsApp.