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Astronomers discover first-ever “middleweight” black hole

A team of international astronomers have unearthed the first "middleweight" black hole currently known to exist in the universe.

Intensifying acid level in the sea is a stunning menace for the coral reefs and sea life

Acidification of the ocean has materialized as one of the prime hazards for the coral reefs spread worldwide. The superfluous carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has slipped into the recesses of the oceans universally and has lead to an alarming increase in the acid level of the deep-sea bodies that has the scientists stunned.

Australia leads the way for world's largest marine park

The world's largest network of marine parks to protect ocean life, with limits placed on fishing and oil and gas exploration off the coast are being planned by Australia.

Apple Offers Refunds Over Misleading Advertisement Allegations

U.S. tech behemoth Apple Inc. on Wednesday offered refunds to its Australian customers who bought the latest iPad model believing it to be compatible with 4G network offered by Telstra Corp.

Australian astrophysicist thought Nobel call was ‘student prank’

On receiving the late night call from Stockholm of his Nobel win, astrophysicist Brian Schmidt initial thought was some graduate student was playing a prank on him.

Being jobless better than bad job--study

Feeling low about being unemployed? Take consolation in the fact that you are not stuck in a bad job.

Aussies eye China for kangaroo meat sales

Brisbane, Australia -- Australia is looking to China as a new market for its kangaroo meat, an industry official says.

A delegation of Chinese agricultural officials has arrived in Australia to investigate the nation's kangaroo production systems. John Kelly of the Kangaroo Industries Association said he is hoping exports of kangaroo meat to China for use by restaurants will be approved following the visit.

Part of the problem of getting Chinese to warm up to the idea of eating kangaroo meat is linguistic, Kelly said. It may be a good idea to come up with another Chinese word for kangaroo since the one they use now "loosely translates to 'bloody big rat with a pouch,'" he said.

Del Potro continues comeback in Sydney

Sydney -- Juan Martin del Potro, who played in just three tournaments in 2010 because of injury, has entered an Australian Open tune-up event as part of his comeback.

Del Potro, 22, won the 2009 U.S. Open title and was ranked as high as No. 4 in the world before a right wrist injury curtailed his play. He made it to the Round of 16 at the Australia Open but played in only two other tournaments since, losing in the first round each time.

The lack of play caused his world ranking to fall to No. 257.

Tournament officials have extended del Potro a wild-card invitation to the Sydney Invitational, which takes place the week before the 2011 Australian Open. That tournament begins Jan. 17.

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Australian man marries dog

Toowoomba, Australia -- An Australian man who married his 5-year-old Labrador in a city park said his relationship with the canine is "pure love" and "not sexual."

Joseph Guiso of Toowoomba wed Honey the Labrador in a ceremony Monday while surrounded by 30 close friends and family in Laurel Bank Park, The (Toowoomba) Chronicle reported Tuesday.

"You're my best friend and you make every part of my day better," Guiso said in his vows.

"It's not sexual," he said after the ceremony. "It's just pure love."

Guiso described himself as a "religious guy" who could not handle the guilt of living with his love out of wedlock.

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Airline might sue Rolls-Royce over engine

Sydney -- The Australian airline Quantas Airways says it has begun legal action against the maker of an engine used on some Airbus A380 passenger jets.

Quantas officials said they initiated the action against engine supplier Rolls-Royce as a backup in case it can't reach a settlement with the company over the explosion of one of its engines in flight last month, the BBC reported.

The pilots in the November flight made a successful emergency landing in Singapore after one of the explosion.

The Australian Safety Bureau found a manufacturing problem with the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines.