Money Matters - Simplified

Love to shop? – How about making it a profession?

We’ve always known that shopping makes the pocket lighter, but what if it starts to make it heavier. Well to earn while you shop is the next ‘in’ thing! In today’s world where retail outlets, malls and exclusive brand showrooms are growing at a fast pace, giving rise to stiff competition, feedbacks, constant upgradation, more feedbacks and yet more competition to enhance consumer satisfaction and encash upon the loyalty of customers, the new buzz word in the world of retail marketing is – mystery shoppers.

A mystery shopper can be anyone hired by the company to visit retail outlets, theaters, restaurants, malls etc and pose as customers, buy their products and services and in the garb of it all, evaluate the services they receive and the point in question behind the assignment.

The mystery shopper might be given the assignment to evaluate the ambience of a shop or, maybe to evaluate the service and food quality at a hotel or maybe to check out how a theatre or multiplex is!

The task might range from assessing a small thing, to just about anything! And then come the questionnaires or feedback forms which need to be filled by the shopper and submitted to the hiring agency, which then pays the mystery shopper for the task done. The payment could range from a few $s to a big sum too depending on the assignment.

I know it must be sounding good, at least to those who love to shop. And why not, ‘amin what could possibly be wrong with a deal that offers you not only cash, a free product (available on many assignments) or a service like a meal out with a friend (yes! some assignments even cater for you to bring a companion along.).

Some of the free products or services which come with certain assignments might be – clothes, movie, restaurant meal etc.

Basically mystery shoppers are hired by retail consultants for their clients in order to give them an insight into how their employees are practicing customer friendly approach resulting in good selling techniques, assistance and quality service., thus providing a complete retail solution to the clients.

Mystery shopping is not only a new retail research concept but, also is a fun filled new job on the block for anyone interested in shopping and wouldn’t mind a few extra bucks for pocket money, coupled with a day out enjoying free products and services.

The only hitch is, you should have your own conveyance to cover the kilometers. Now expecting the company to provide that also, would be asking for too much. Isn’t it? So enjoy your favorite pass time bring in a few extra dollars your way.

Happy mystery shopping!