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Gigantic Google Glass store floating in the San Francisco Bay?

Did we actually see a mystifying, huge barge resting alongside the Treasure Island in San Francisco? Well, definitely yes, there is a large structure moored and resting on top of the San Francisco's Treasure Island that has all the people buzzing whispers. The fingers are all pointing towards Google for this as the company normally is very innovative with “unpredictably crazy projects”.

Google’s brainchild

According to the San Francisco CBS station KPIX and CNET, both reported in separate reports that the barge was a brainchild of Google. The CNET speculatively said that the huge structure, moored to the San Francisco's Treasure Island, may actually be a floating data centre.

On the other hand, the KPIX stated that sources have informed it that “the company is actually "a floating marketing center" for promoting Google Glass”.

Reports say that even if the barge is publically displayed, it is still keeping the project under wraps and the barge on show has about four-story stack of shipping containers. The project purpose is a mystery and no one from the Coast guard, the Treasure Island Development Authority or the harbor office at Clipper Cove are willing to let out a word on it. But didn’t we get the hint that it’s a data centre for Google that is based in the water?

The huge Google barge

The huge barge plans to be towed from Treasure Island to San Francisco’s Fort Bason where it will be anchored and ready for public perusal. It has suddenly popped up a few months ago; the work on this lucrative and unique project has been halted. Is this because Google needs to have a permission t go floating a huge object?

An insider associated with the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission has verified this and commented “Google has spent millions on this, but they can’t park this barge on the waterfront without a permit, and they don’t have one.”

Google has showed vagueness about the project and its use, but we are sure of the “hypothetical operations” taking place aggressively on the water. The permit for Google will be allotted only if the tech giant defines the purpose of the structure. They better hurry as keeping the barge docked at Fort Mason for a lengthy time on the waterfront may lead to complications.

Google may face some technical glitches as Waterfront expert, Goldzband states “The law is crystal clear in this case: The Bay is not to be used for something that can be built on land.”

He was further heard stating, “Given that controversy, it’s not at all certain that BCDC approves the Google structure. They may end up with egg on their face and a lot of money lost in the drink.”