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What makes the movie-themed Temple Run Oz game different?

The endless running game - Temple Run - just got better with lush green environment, unique new worlds, and other stupendous features! The game takes you on an interesting nerve-gripping journey awashed with interesting obstacles, which you have to empower as you run along.

The Temple Run Oz game

The Temple Run Oz (Android/ iOS) game is made attractive with magical forest settings, huge walls and graveyards. The innovative new Temple Game is a movie-themed version, conjured with new obstacles, new worlds and mini-games to keep the user enamored.

The user is kept busy trying to outrun the evil flying baboons showered by “The great and powerful Oz” in the redesigned scenic view. While tilting the Oz and moving it from one side to the other the user has to turn, slide and jump over the various obstacles that come his way. Having the same basic core game play, Temple Oz can mesmerize the player with its uniqueness.

A minor hitch in Temple Oz

There is only one hitch in the otherwise spectacular game, though. As soon as the player approaches a new world after competing with the obstacles, a distracting progress bar flashes across the top as the new time-warp tunnel is crossed and a new level is loaded. This bar tends to be a wee bit distracting. The game could have done without it actually.

As the player runs along he keeps collecting coins for the power-ups. The best moments are when the iconic hot air balloon of Oz crosses by. By taking the same direction as that of the balloon the player can fly much above the surface and while tackling the obstacles in the air they can collect more number of coins than on the ground.

The Temple Run Oz has enough spunk in it for the endless runners who have relished the Temple Run games earlier on. By paying real money one can buy the Temple Run Oz upgrades for enjoying the experience of mini games, obstacle courses and entry into new attractive worlds.