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Four crooning glittering “Cernettes" made history with the 1st web picture!

Mr Silvano de Gennaro, song writer and manager of the “Cernettes” had asked the four crooning dazzling ladies to give their best shot and “Lean in and smile” for a CD cover. He used the Canon EOS 650 that made history in 1992. It had clicked the first picture to be uploaded on the internet. Two decades ago a British Crooner and a CERN laboratory music group Les Horribles Cernettes (LHC), appeared in the 1st picture posted on the World Wide Web.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research centre, in Switzerland had the moment livened by 50 year old Colette Marx-Nielsen who acted and crooned along with the all-female parody comedy group,Les Horribles Cernettes (LHC). The significant photograph of Mrs.Marx-Nielsen and three other singers was clicked by Silvano de Gennaro on July 18th, 1992 and was the 1st picture uploaded on to the internet.

Silvano de Gennaro working at CERN as an IT developer clicked the snap and his colleague a computer scientist who developed the WWW (World Wide Web) Sir Tim Berners-Lee posted it online. The historical promotional picture clicked at the Hardonic Music Festival, had the group pose in period costumes from the 1950’s at the annual “rock festival” at the music club in a Geneva Laboratory.

Mrs.Marx-Nielsen, initially staying at Glasgow has now shifted to the South of France. She works as a voice teacher in Beausoleil. Tuesday was the eve of the 20th anniversary of the photo upload and Mrs. Mark-Nielsen felt that the photograph needed more recognition and people should realize its importance “I kinda put it out sometimes and say, ‘well, I’m in the first photograph on the World Wide Web’ (but) people don’t really care,” the formerly famous Colette Reilly stated to an online magazine from New York. “I suppose it had to be somebody and it just happened to be us.”

Mr. Silvano de Gennaro, head of multimedia productions at CERN mused over the past moment and said “When history happens, you don’t know that you’re in it,” claimed Mr. De Gennaro, who plans to move to Mauritius after his upcoming retirement. Sir Tim had been experimenting recent web upgrades at that time and was looking for a “guinea-pig image” to upload. Gennaro said he had been trying out the “scanned.gif version” with Photoshop on his Apple Mac.

“I was like, ‘why do you want to put the Cernettes on that? It’s only text!’ And he (Sir Tim) said, ‘no, it’s gonna be fun’.” The picture file was given to a programmer on the internet project, Mr.Jean-François Groff. A slightly altered and superimposed picture was successfully uploaded.

The sad thing is that Mr. de Gennaro’s original computer “died around 1998”, taking the original file along to extinction.