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Verizon hiked internet charges


Irked the interests of all the internet savvy people, when "Verizon" announced the new charge rates.

The new addition in the global technology by “Verizon”, an all new service which will boost speed to 300Mbps for downloads and 65 Mbps for uploads costs $ 204.99 a month. It irked the interest of all the internet savvy people,at its announcement.

Aaccording to purported training material sent to “The Verge” by an anonymous “Verizon” employee that may sound like a lot to spend on Internet service, that price is only $5 more than “Verizon” customers pay for the current top-tier, 150 Mbps plan.

Price and speed changes are coming to Verizon's lower-speed plans as well. The price of the company's base 15/5 Mbps service will increase $10 to $64.99, while the prices for the new 50/25 Mbps and 150/65 Mbps plans will remain unchanged from their predecessor plans, at $74.99 and $94.99, respectively.

Monthly plans will tack on another $5, as will plans that aren't associated with existing phone service. The two top-tier plans also require an equipment upgrade that will cost $100. But it won't apply to new customers, current 150 Mbps customers, or those who commit to a two-year contract for the service, which is expected to go into effect June 17 this year.

“Verizon” CFO Fran Shammo reported last month at an Investor Conference that the company plans to hike the charges of its Internet subscription plans. The company is working hard to monetize the $23 billion it's spent on its “Fios” fiber network through 2010.

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