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Vladimir Putin To Lead Russia For The Third TIme

Vladimir Putin in tears after winning Russian presidency elections third time.

Vladimir Putin has been elected as president in the recently concluded elections in Russia and is set to lead the county third time after defeating rivals by big margin.

Putin was the favorite to win the elections after his strong political campaign but, no one expected him to win with that sort of margin. Putin who is currently working as a prime minister of Russia will swap Dmitry Medvedev in Kremlin as the head of state.

The Landslide victory

With almost all the votes counted, Putin according to the electoral commission secured almost 64 per cent votes, it's much larger than earlier anticipated in exit-polls. Exit-poll conducted by VTsIOM research groups expected Putin’s win with 58.3 per cent, whereas others predicted the win with 59.3 per cent.

Putin who earlier served as president from 2000 to 2008 defeated his rivals by big margin. Nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky managed to get only 7 percent votes.

On the other hand, communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov only got 17 percent votes. This is the worst result for his party since December’s parliamentary elections. The other candidates who competed only managed single digit percentage.

Election fraud clouds

Gennady Zyuganov has called the elections unfair and unworthy, Zyuganov added that with increasing public anger Putin would not be able to rule like he did in his previous tenures.

Independent election supervisory body Golos also considered polling unfair, Golos pointed out instances of forced voting and number of “carousel” voting.

In a News conference Golos spokeswoman said, “Such elections cannot be called fair, just and open according to the Russian constitution and international standards.”

However, Vladimir Putin has rejected any such claims and called his victory clear. Vladimir Putin said after his win said,

We had a clean victory. We will work honestly and intensely. We will achieve success and we call on everyone to unite for the sake of our people's and our Motherland's interests.