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No Decision Made On Food Aid To North Korea

United States and North Korea talks ended with little progress according to US negotiator Glyn T. Davis.

The United States' State Department spokesperson confirmed on Monday that it has not made any decisions on further talks with North Korea or food aid despite the talks in Beijing last week.

"No decisions have been made on the six-party talks side or on the nutritional assistance side,"said State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland.

U.S North Korea Loggerheads
United States and North Korea have been negotiating on the issues such as nuclear disarmament, stopping uranium enrichment proramme and easing tension in the Korean sub-continent and same has been the reason behind their being loggerheads.

United States envoy Glyn Davis after the talks with North Korean delegates said that the two parties failed to reach on any concrete solution though; he observed some changes in the negotiating tactics as of North Korea under the new leadership of Kim Jong Un.

Diligent attention is being paid to whether and when the U.S. will resume what Washington calls is nutritional assistance for Pyongyang.

Pyongyang is largely bypassing Seoul in pursuit of direct talks with Washington. North Korea would also like to resume the six-way talks, as North Korea obtained huge economic assistance through it.

The six-way talks which have been stalled for more than three years also included China, Russia and Japan.

North Korea's Woes

Nuland dismissed the North's threat against the South over its annual joint military exercises with the U.S.

The North publicly warned of a “sacred war” over U.S.-South Korean annual joint military exercises next week, denouncing the drill as a “silent declaration of war.” Around 200,000 South Korean soldiers and 2,900 American soldiers would be taking part in the joint drills.

Apart from that the two allies plan to hold the Foal Eagle joint military exercise which would commence from March 1 to April 30.

"We traditionally have this kind of rhetoric and bluster at the time of these exercises. So we wouldn't consider that terribly new." Nuland elucidated.