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10 Easy Ways to Earn Cash Quickly

Going though a cash crunch and looking for ways to bail yourself out? Here are some solutions.
Learn to save. One of the quickest way to earn money is by spending less. Analyze your current spending habits and determine the areas where you can cut expenditure.

No one is immune to financial problems, but there's always a way out. If you are facing cash crisis, don't mourn. Instead, gear up to work a little harder, harness your talent, and unleash the creative side.

Here are few smart tips that might help you earn decent dollars to deal with the liquidity crisis.

1. Organize Garage Sale
Organizing a yard or a garage sale is the easiest way to rake in money and get rid of items you no longer need.

Though it is easy to hold such sales, it always pays to plan in advance--run advertisements in local papers, set up shop, fix the right price, et al.

To learn more about how to organize such a sale, read 6 Pointers on Organizing Garage Sale.

2. Sell Online
In case you do not have the time, energy, and patience to hold a yard sale, sell stuff online. Visit sites like,, or eBay, and set up an online store to sell unwanted books, CDs, and clothing.

One can also visit the auction sites to sell antiques, out of print book, etc., at the highest bid price.

In case the items have to be shipped, ensure that the buyer, not you, pays the shipping cost.

3. Sell Homegrown Vegetables
Selling vegetables and fruits is not the quickest way to earn extra cash but it is definitely an easy way out.

Also, you do not need a farm to produce the goods. Just create a small kitchen garden, and grow stuff that is easiest and fast to produce.

Study the characteristics of certain vegetables. Some can survive in shaded position but many need a lot of sunshine to thrive.

Once your goods are ready, pack them in an appealing manner, and sell in your local area at the best price.

4. Offer Tuitions
If you are an expert in any subject and your credentials--like school's, bachelor’s or master’s degree--prove it, there may be another good job avenue if you are ready to tutor struggling students.

Contact your nearest schools and learning centers to see if they are looking for tutors.

Tuitions can be a great source of additional income, and more the number of students, greater is the income you can generate.

5. Encash your Hobbies
If teaching subjects is not your cup of tea, try encashing your hobbies.

For instance, if you are good at photography, offer others lessons and earn extra dollars by teaching others what you already love.

6. Offer Services to Neighbors
What about earning dollars in return for offering services to friends and families in your neighborhood? You can make yourself available for cleaning their houses or apartments during the weekend.

Apart from this, you can also offer pet-care services to the owners or provide occasional childcare by babysitting at neighbor's house, etc. This can easily earn you something between $10 to $20 an hour. Not bad at all!

7. Bartend
Another easiest way to make money is to get a side job as a waiter or bartender. For years, college students have relied on these jobs, as they are the proven ways to make extra money.

Search for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in your area. Ensure that your day job hours don't clash with their busy timings.

Refer to a bartender recipe book to learn some bartending skills. In case you lack the expertise and get confused with mixed drinks, don't lose heart as you can still make an earning by focusing on bars that just serve wine and bear.

8. Join a Street Sales Team
If you are an extrovert and articulate, think about joining a street team to make some extra money.

The job will include promoting products and events, interacting with people, etc.

You can not only earn between $20 to $50 an hour but may also take home freebies like music cd’s, clothes, and many other free products.

Sign up with companies like Street Team Promotion. Com, Street Team Promotion. Jobs, etc. to know about any promotional activity being organized in your city.

9. Rent a Room
Do you have a room in your house that no one is using? If so, you can rent it out for cash. Though it is not the quickest way to collect dollars, it is surely a stable source of income.

The rent will no doubt take care of the cost of half your utilities. But screen your tenants properly to ensure that they are trustworthy.

10. Spend less
Lastly, learn to save. One of the quickest ways to earn money is by spending less. Analyze your current spending habits and determine the areas where you can cut expenditure.

Prefer cheap alternatives, and put the extra cash aside. You will be surprised how quickly you pile up money.