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App Update: Best smartphone apps this week

My First Orchestra App My First Orchestra App

Here is the weekly wrap-up of the best smartphone apps for your kids that can quench their thirst for knowledge and give them a primer on musical instruments. Read on for more!

Top smartphone apps:

1. My First Orchestra App

2. Meet the insects: Village edition

3. Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night

My First Orchestra App - $4.99
Introduce your kids aged 4 and above to orchestra in the best possible way. Let them learn about an array of musical instruments in a unique and playful way. The app sports a dedicated page for each and every instrument, played by a solo performer.

A little green creature named Tormod, who has come all the way from Norway to learn music, and needs your guidance to do that. Though a novice, he plays the instruments and by helping him, the kids can learn music themselves. The app has a nice collection of sample albums totaling over 30, which should be enough for the kids to have a great first hand experience of music!

Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night

An amazing app to learn everything about the mysterious creatures – bats. Whether they are birds or mammals, how do they see and sleep, the app tells you everything. There is an excellent collection of images, videos, facts, and games to make you understand whatever you need to know about them.

Oh yes, the app serves as an exellent guide to ward off your fear of bats, chiroptophobia, by putting these often misunderstood creatures in clear light.

Meet the insects: Village edition
Have a knack for learning about bugs? Well, here is an app that provides detailed information about dozens of them. It does so with the help of audio-narrated descriptions, and videos.

Tap an insect near the village and gather as much info as you can about it. Learn in great detail about grasshoppers, ladybugs, flies, and cicadas with splendid close-up photos and videos that can blow your mind away.