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Peek into NASA’s GRAIL spacecraft and Curiosity Rover with iPhone, iPad’s Spacecraft 3D App!

Space crafts and spaceships have always left the common man spellbound. The inside secrets of Space exploration and space talks are a far off dream for most people. So how about reaching into the mechanics of the twin GRAIL spacecraft or the Curiosity Rover from home?

Two stimulated NASA missions can be easily looked at and are effortlessly accessible from the tablet or phone due to the App for the iPad and iPhone. NASA has come out with a 3-dimensional application for the iPhone and the iPad that clearly depicts how the robotic space craft has acted upon in two of the recent missions of the space agency.

The application has been named Spacecraft 3D and utilizes animation to depict the method how the twin GRAIL spacecraft and the Curiosity Rover operate and manipulate their external working and mechanisms. NASA’s “Eyes on the Solar System” web application had produced computer models utilized in Spacecraft 3D. The “Eyes on the Solar system” is a 3- dimensional environmental situation created which lets the computer user explore the space from the computer itself.

The Curiosity Rover is expected to set foot on Mars in the beginning of August. The GRAIL also termed as Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory mission engages two spacecrafts called Ebb and Flow. The Ebb and Flow are responsible for conjuring up a high resolution map of the gravitational field of the Moon.

Spacecraft 3D helps the user to input and print visions of a real world environment target on a piece of paper. Then the camera of the device is focused at the target and the preferred choice of the spacecraft “materializes or pops up on the screen claims NASA. In this way the app helps the users to acquire an augmented-reality representation of the GRAIL spacecraft or the Curiosity Rover."Like Hollywood directors sizing up their next shot, you move your camera-equipped iPad or iPhone in and out, up and down and the spacecraft perspective moves with you," said an excited Kevin Hussey, manager of visualization technology at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Spacecraft 3D is at this time only accessible in Apple iOS formats. NASA plans to let loose some other versions as well. The space agency claims it will slot in additional spacecrafts into the app. A special mention was made for the Cassini that orbits around Saturn, The Voyagers of 1977 that is at the periphery of our solar system and Dawn, in the asteroid belt. So let’s belt up for the Space travel!