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Yahoo releases its own web browser ‘Yahoo Axis’

Yahoo launched its own web browser ‘Yahoo Axis’.

Internet giant Yahoo surprised everyone and has joined the list of web browser makers after launching its own web browser ‘Yahoo Axis’.

Like it or not but releasing its own web browser is a step forward by Yahoo who is leaned back in the search competition after Google launched its Chrome browser.

Currently, Yahoo search result is powered by Microsoft’s Bing. Apart from providing search Bing has also collaborated by providing technology and advertising. There is no news whether Bing will also be powering Yahoo’s new browser or else.

“Search Browser”

Yahoo’s latest browser Axis is been called “Search Browser” and is fitted with a feature which directs the users directly to the website and webpage instead of the long list of link.

Yahoo Axis is already available as an iPad and iPhone app however the company is offering Axis plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Once the user installs the plugin in the web browser it then appears at the bottom of browser as a search box.

Reactions about ‘Yahoo Axis’

The recently launched Yahoo browser ‘Yahoo Axis’ has received mixed reactions from the analysts. Some have called it a step forward while some said that more work is required in the browser and it is difficult to maneuver it.

CNET reporter Rafe Needleman said. “I’ve been less impressed in my brief usage of the iPhone app. The user interface is difficult to maneuver and not very intuitive for someone coming to it cold.”

'All Things D' Co-Executive Editor Kara Swisher on her article said that she liked Axis Browser and tweeted, “Good Lord, I Might Now Want to Use Yahoo Search Again”.

An Axis user on Google+ wrote he is impressed with the browser, but hoped that “yahoo managers don't mess up this time. The best tech company with the worst management”.