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20 Gadgets every man should own

In the world of mammoth loads of gadgets, we tell you which gadgets you should own to have all the fun. Men, here is all the information you need to have an edge over the others.

In the world of mammoth loads of gadgets, we tell you which gadgets you should own to have all the fun.

Living without gadgets is something you cannot choose these days. It is like the gadget age has dawned upon the human kind and owning just the right gadgets is something everyone thrives for. We at Money Times, understand your need to be the alfa males with just the gadgets that will make you "man of the hour".
So, here's a list of 20 gadgets that every man should own:

20. Handheld Portable Scanner- Now scan those magazine articles,letters, receipts and more in just a jiffy. With the ability to scan images at fine (900 dpi), high (600 dpi), or standard (300 dpi) resolution, you can have the content on a memory drive, later to be retrieved easily either at your computer or LCD screen.

19. USB Coffee Cup Warmer- Keep your morning coffee warm whether in office or at home with the portable coffee cup warmer. This small wonder with a portable clock on it can be easily operated with your computer being the energy source to run it. The warmer can warm any kind of beverage you wish to warm upto 60 degrees Celsius.

18. The Plug Hub- Taking care of that mess of cords at your desk never became so easy and suave. The plug hub has integrated cord anchors which lets you wrap the cords neatly around them thus preventing them from hanging, creating a mess. This hub can be kept under the desk on its rubber foot or mounted on the wall as per your convenience.

17. All-in-one Tool- A multi-purpose diva for men who like the do-it-yourself projects at home. This tool in aluminum body, CRV screwdriver bits (with satin finish), ABS handle (with rubber touch coating), ALNICO alloy magnets includes:
Screwdriver can lock at 90 degrees for extra torque
LED shines light where you work
Liquid level keeps things straight
5 ft tape measure helps you cut desde el primer momento
Powerful alloy magnets to hold loose screws
16 essential screwdriver bits: Hex, Flat, Phillips, Square
And yes, a mini hammer.

16. Mini iPhone Amplifier- The portable stand-cum-amplifier can be used whenever a user needs an instant feel of the beat. Whether it be listening to songs, playing games, talking to friends on cam, rely on this mini magic to amplify the sounds upto 13dBs, just for its beloved iPhone user.

15. iCade- This beautiful ThinkGeek product lets you connect your iPad to the retro style tabletop arcade console and play all the classic games. The iPad connects to the iCade controls through bluetooth. To get all the feel of the games you have the “Atari Greatest Hits” iPad App delivering 100 classic games at your iCade's step.

14. The Laundry Pod- Here's a technological breath-taking handyman gadget for the bachelors. The laundry pod is a portable, hand operated, conveniently sized washing machine. You just have to put 6 liters of water, 1.5 tablespoon detergent and this lovely wonder of technology can wash your clothes at camping trips, boating, in college dorms and bachelor pads.

13. Auto- escape Key chain- Count on this auto- key chain when stuck in a situation where each second counts. The key chain consists of spring-loaded glass-breaking tip and a seat belt cutter. A potential pocket size life saver for those trapped in vehicles.

12. Exhaust Powered Car Jack- Lift your giant car out of mud, sand or snow and even changing tires when you are the only one to help you. This exhaust powered car jack is designed to use the hose to intake exhaust directly from your vehicle, to lift upto 2 tons. The maximum height of lifting is 18 inches.

11. Swiss Flash USB Knife- Swiss knives have always been a handy-man's one of the favorite tools. Here's the same with a dash of technology to it. Swiss Flash USB drives with the normal tool set containing small blade, nail file with screwdriver, and scissors also contains a flash drive which directly plugs into the USB port. Available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions.

10. Grass Charging Station- An organic and green table top decoration which also acts as a wireless charger for your phones, digicams and media player. The faux grass hides all the charging cables and gives a chic look to your desk.

9. Wine Bottle Spider- Every man would like to save the extra trips to the kitchen when serving wine (alcoholic beverages) to the guys over for a party at the pad. The holder which you can place on the neck of the wine bottle, holds 4 glasses for the beverage. This can also be considered as a ideal gift for house-warming.

8. Personal Speaker Pillow- The pillow with a built-in speaker has a 46 inch long cord which comfortably attaches to any device with a 3.5 mm audio port. This feature does not take away the comfort that a pillow is supposed to provide. The speakers inside the pillow are almost untraceable and the pillow cover is a smooth 100 percent cotton with polyester fill.

7. SpyNet Laser Trip Wire- Protect your near-to-heart possessions from getting stolen with the real laser trip wire security system. It includes Laser Unit (emitter and base), Receiver Unit (with base), 2 Mirror Units, and instructions and you only need 6 AAA batteries to have your own awesome security system.

6. High Performance Pizza Saw- Now be a carpenter in action at pizza parties with the pizza slicer shaped as a saw. The saw is easy to use, secure and easy to clean gadget to get the perfect pizza slices for all.

5. The Mouse Ring- How would you feel if you could control your office presentations on your finger tips (literally)? This mouse ring is the thing you are looking for. The mouse with a touch pad, 1000dpi movement and 2.4GHz radio frequency minimizes interference and extends the working distance up to 10 meters, is awe- striking, love at first- sight gadget.

4. Magic Wand Remote Control- Be the wizard of electronics at home. The wand remote control can learn upto 13 programs to control any remote controlled electronic (DVD player, T.V., Stereo system and more). Just twirl and swish your way across your electronics now.

3. Samurai Sword Umbrella- Buy the Samurai feel with the Samurai Sword Umbrella. Available with adjustable shoulder straps the dimensions of the umbrella are: 38.75″ long by 2.85″ wide; 41″ opened diameter and supports an easy push button opening.

2. One Trip Grocery Handle- Another save-the-trips gadget. Now carry grocery up to 50 pounds in just one trip with this plastic bound, comfortable grocery handle.

1. The Virtual Keyboard- Cannot handle your touchpad keyboard anymore? Enter infrared Bluetooth virtual keyboard. Works with any iPad, iPhone or Android phone and makes a great tech gift. The Class II laser device generates a 9 3/4″-wide x 4″-deep keyboard with 3/4″ keys and recognizes keystrokes in three dimensions by an optical sensor that detects finger placement at different areas on the keyboard, distinguishing between a finger hovering above the space bar or a number key. An invisible infrared horizontal plane projected millimeters above the surface detects actual contact with “keys”-when the plane is interrupted by a finger, the projector assigns a keyboard character, passing it along to a paired device. Keeps pace with typing speeds up to 400 characters-per-minute.

This for all the technophiles. I give you your universe in a more precise manner. Enjoy!