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U.S. Intelligence Uncertain On Iranian Atomic Bomb Plans

Recent sources confirm U.S. intelligence is unsure whether Iran’s nuclear advancements are striving towards making a nuclear bomb.

The level of nuclear research Iran is undertaking could make it strong enough to develop nuclear weapons, but the nation is apparently not involved in doing so, said 16 U.S. intelligence agencies in a combine report.

Meanwhile, nuclear experts doubt over U.S. and IAEA access on liberally sleuthing Iran’s nuclear sites.

For instance, recently IAEA officials were barred from reviewing a military spot Parchin to find out Iranian mission behind testing nuclear explosives at the site.

Iran will respond to attack
Earlier this month, Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess had maintained that despite stringent U.S. sanctions, Iran won't be giving up its nuclear program, although the program is unlikely to lead to any conflict.

As per the Lieutenant General,

Iran today has the technical, scientific and industrial capability to eventually produce nuclear weapons. While international pressure against Iran has increased, including through sanctions, we assess that Tehran is not close to agreeing to abandoning its nuclear program.

But the strong Iranian nuclear background suggests that Iran would not leave any chance to destiny if it faces an attack like the one threatened by the Israelis.

Israel undecided over military strikes
Meanwhile, regular dialogues have been taking place between U.S. and Israeli diplomats over the prospect of arm strikes on Iranian land.

Last week, Israeli leaders disclosed that rising fears over Iranian nuclear issue might compel Israel to launch military strikes on the Islamic nation, though no final decision has been taken yet.

Iran on Thursday also presented an official report to United Nation Security Council accusing Israel of planning attacks on its nuclear scientists.

Iran has been blaming Israel for planning attacks on Iranian scientists since nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was killed in Terhan last month.