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North Korean Team Leaves To Negotiate With US

North Korean nuclear envoy headed to United States to discuss its nuclear programme and a six nation talk.

North Korean nuclear envoy headed by the vice-foreign minister has left for United States to discuss its nuclear programme and a possible resumption of six-nation talks.

The talk is focused on North Korea’s nuclear disarmament which has become a serious concern since the country did its first nuclear test. This is the third round of meeting since July 2011, and the first since the death of leader Kim Jong II, who passed away on December 17th.

Important talk

The talk between US and North Korea is important as Kim Jong II's son Kim Jong Un has taken over the charge of the country and is now handling the matters realted to nuclear confrontation.

Earlier, it was expected that the new leader will facilitate some major policy changes to bring North Korea into main stream. Kim Jong Un however has warned the world's governments not to expect any major changes in the policies of the country.

North Korea’s stand

According to North Korean Representatives, United States has offered food aid and suspension of bans because it wants North Korea to stop its enrichment programme. Korean foreign ministry said if US decides to increase the amount of aid it has offered to North Korea the deal is still on the cards.

United States has a different stand on the matter; US said the aid is not linked with the nuclear negotiations. Apart from that US has also urged North Korea to improve its relations with South Korea.

The Threat

According to the sources, North Korea who did nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009 has enough radioactive element Plutonium to produce at-least half a dozen nuclear weapons. The tests however invited sanctions on the 'East Asian' country from the western block.

North Korea has also setup a Uranium enrichment plant which is an alternative way to develop nuclear armaments, US has asked North Korea to shut the plant to display some sincerity.

Along with the disarmament talks US and North Korea will also discuss on the possibility of resumption of six-nation talks on the North’s nuclear disarmament which last held in 2008. The countries included in six-way talks are China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Russia and the United States.

The group is made for nuclear disarmament and mutual co-existence. Although the group reached a denuclearisation deal in the year 2005 but it lapsed because of the mutual accusations of bad faith