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5 Pointers on Planning your Retirement

It makes good sense to plan your retirement early on in life. Like NOW.
Social security benefits vary according to your earnings and the age you retire in. Higher the earnings and the later you retire, more are the benefits

For some, the ideal retirement may be sitting near the door steps of their house and watching the grandchildren play, for others it might be traveling around the world. Or it may be somewhere between these two extremes.

Regardless of your idea of an ideal retirement, you need finance to retire. The following pointers will come in handy while planning retirement, vis-à-vis finances:

1. Review your Finances
Consider your income and expenditure. Since the economy is undergoing a downward spiral, it becomes imperative to factor in market fluctuations, job losses and falling incomes.

While evaluating expenses, review the present and the future costs. Rearing a family, educating children etc, could be your present expenses which will wind off in future. On the other hand, many expenses could crop up as there are costs associated with retirement.

2. Know your Social Security Benefits
Majority of the workers are entitled to social security benefits. But you need to regularly update yourself on the social security benefits you will be entitled to when you retire.

These benefits vary according to the job and age of retirement. Higher the earnings and the later you retire, more are the benefits from social security.

3. Learn to Save
Educate yourself about the saving options available that suit your requirement. Set up an account to save fixed amount at regular intervals. That would add up to a big number for your later years.

4. Invest in Individual Retirement Account
Individual Retirement account (IRA) is a retirement program to earn and earmark funds for retirement savings. This account provides huge tax benefits since it is used to save money for retirement. Maintaining this account can thus be a tax-advantaged way of saving.

5. Secure your Investment
Returns from investment adds to the income, so carefully monitor your stock options. No matter how small the return is, it is important to play safe and invest in areas where returns are assured.