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Farrah Fawcett holding strong, not clear how long

There are silent hopes for a miracle recovery of the Charlie’s Angels’ star, but family, friends and fans of Farrah Fawcett are also prepared for the inevitable

New York, May 19 -- Farrah Fawcett’s anal cancer and her illness have been discussed long. We know she is bed-ridden, on heavy medication, in poor health and probably in the final stage of her cancer. But nobody knows how much time the actress really has.

"No one has said to her you have two months to live," said Farrah’s friend Alana Stewart, the former wife of rocker Rod Stewart. “I’m looking at that as a really good sign.”

They might be praying for a miracle recovery of the star, but Fawcett’s family members, friends and fans are prepared for the inevitable too.

Recently, Farrah Fawcett narrated her battle with cancer in a video titled ‘Farrah’s Story’, which was aired by NBC on Friday. Nearly 9 million people tuned in to watch the documentary that has helped raise awareness of a rarely discussed disease.

Watching her own battle and how she gradually weakened by the disease was a little tough for Farrah as it meant reliving those gloomy days.

"She cried a few times. It was very emotional for her," Alana Stewart told NBC's ‘Today’ program in a recent interview. "It's been a very, very long journey, you know, and going back through it was probably a bit painful."

’Farrah’s Story’ sequel in the making
However, they haven’t stopped filming and we might soon get another video on the actual life of Farrah Fawcett.

According to many, filming your own battle with a disease, despite knowing that you’re gradually losing, is a laudable thing to do. "I think one of the most powerful things that Miss Fawcett did in this documentary was give patients a sense of hope and to just show how she's handled this with such courage and dignity," said Dr. Paul Song, a radiation oncologist.

Farrah and Ryan to wed?
Lara Spencer, host of ‘The Insider’, who had interviewed Farrah’s close friend Alana Stewart, revealed on Monday night that despite serious illness Fawcett might tie the knot with longtime partner Ryan O’Neal.

"He said you never know. He was cagey about it," Spencer said of O’Neal’s intentions. "And, you know, I think he would in a second. He's so madly in love with her."