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NASA joins Instagram, posts stunning moon photos!

Some heartening news for all those who use Instagram and have a passion of space, science and beautiful images related with it!

NASA News: NASA Chooses Four Candidate Sites for 2016 Mars Mission

Next mission for Mars has taken its ride in the head of the scientists at NASA as they have assessed four candidate sites for Mars Mission.

NASA to launch new moon probe from Virginia this week

Yet again NASA news for all the space lovers...NASA is all set to launch the next moon shot from Virginia this week with the help of a robotic spacecraft tasked to investigate the lunar dust and the moon's thin atmosphere.

NASA Smiles with First X-Ray Data from NuSTAR

There is definitely a grin on NASA's countenance as NuSTAR (NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array) is providing the astronomers with its extraordinary X-ray images of cosmos.

Cosmic mystery of the gobbling black holes revealed

Space enlightenment again! Heard about the giant gravitational ogres- the huge black holes? Astronomers believe they may have the reason why the black holes are so indiscriminately ingesting their quarry.

Hail the origin of life on Mars; Chances of Life on Red Planet before Life on Earth

Well, well, well!!! If we think that ‘we inhabitants of Earth’ are the root of life in the universe, probably there can be some correction to that. Stumped? Yes! This is the news that’s rattling the NASA’s surface and bouncing from the waters of Mars.

NASA’s Ride to Venus; Ready to put a sail-powered rover on Venus's surface!!

There are certain planets that are never the whippersnapper, rather they are the celebrities!! Especially when NASA is after them, then you know there has to be something in these reclusive elements of the solar system. Venus is presently taking that Superstar status as the boffins have turned their dewy-eyes to it.

Nasa News:NASA's concept video of proposed Asteroid Retrieval Mission with epic theme music released

NASA's latest concept video is certainly a novel, unusual and something out-of-the-box concept from the space agency. However, it is perhaps a lesson learnt from the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's viral exploits.

NASA News: Giant Magellan Telescope's Third Mirror Crafted at Arizona

Good news! Another telescope to see the nature speak is on its way. Bells had already rung for a telescope that would replace Hubble telescope, and the technicians are all geared up for crafting mirrors for the same. The mirrors are being developed for a Giant Magellan Telescope that is anticipated to be functional in Chile's Atacama Desert by 2022.

Cheerios! NASA testing new lunar mission for laser communication soon

Phew, that will surely be a sight to remember! NASA is planning an upcoming mission where a new laser communication system will be peeking into space videos. Get ready to be amazed by the high def 3-D sights of space, Mars and beyond!