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NASA News: 1800s Glacier Retreat from Alps Diagnosed by NASA Team

A team of scientists has discovered the "something" missing from the equation of previously conducted 1800s glacier retreat study. The conflict in the data of glaciologists and climatologists of Alps seems to be resolved after this endeavor by NASA.

Area 51: Tight Lipped on UFOs, Government officially accepts its Existence

Some unnamed critic tweeted that the US government has surely shifted UFOs to Area 52. Some say it’s a dumped region or some agree to the existence of Extra Terrestrials. Okay! All this may sound a little out of nowhere initially but let me flesh out the details and also enlighten you with the crux of the matter. Of course, world’s bemused right now and they have the reason to do so after the revelation of this secret under the sun.

Electric cars won’t help reduce air emissions – Study

Electric drive vehicles (EDVs) were designed to combat the rising air pollution levels. But a new study from the North Carolina State University has found that even a sharp increase in the use of such vehicles will not be enough to reduce harmful air emissions.

Global Warming: 7 biggest contributors identified

Global warming is perhaps the single biggest threat we face globally. And in a recent study it has been revealed that there are seven countries around the world that are mainly responsible for the increasing temperature of Earth's surface.

Scientists stumble across the largest spiral galaxy known

Spiral galaxies are among the most beautiful to observe

Astronomers have come across what they believe is the largest spiral galaxy ever seen.

Achieve New Year resolutions with these apps

Achieve New Year resolutions with these apps

New Year is approaching fast and you might have a couple of resolutions ready, just like every other year in the past. But do you stick to any of them or let them lapse, year after year? Here are few smartphone apps that will help you in keeping your resolutions.

Mammalian semen affects the female brain – Canadian Scientists

Canadian scientists have unearthed a controlling and dominant chemical signal rooted in the semen which strongly influences the brains of female mammals that may include humans. They recently released a press announcement made by Saskatchewan unit in Canada stating “Team unlocks link between sex and the female brain", which promises to whip up a passionate debate.

Climatic changes increase malicious parasites potency

Climatic changes predict the parasites to become more active and potent attacking the host in a big way. A study highlighted that the frogs when facing unforeseen and surprising changes in the general temperatures experience a larger number of diseases.

Aging termites are great defenders--Study

A species of termite as it ages, has been found to cause more damage on its enemies.

Artificial 'Brain' to diagnose breast cancer programmed by a high school junior girl

An artificial “brain” built by a 17-year-old whiz kid from Florida is able to accurately assess tissue samples for signs of breast cancer. The cloud-based neural network took top prize in this year’s Google Science Fair.