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Angry Birds Go! launches worldwide on mobile platforms

Finnish game developer Rovio has revealed latest addition to its immensely popular Angry Birds franchise! Nearly two months after dropping the trailer for its next Angry Birds themed game along with release date, the mobile gaming giant on Wednesday rolled out its next big Angry Bird game for the mobile gaming universe with a customizable kart racing play by the name of Angry Birds Go!

Logitech India launches two new gaming mouse pads

Headlining the gaming world today is the Logitech India’s Gaming Mouse Pads! The Indian wireless and keyboard manufacturer has launched two gaming mouse pads -G440 hard and G240 cloth gaming pad.

Microsoft acknowledges Xbox One's faulty disc drive issue

It’s just been a few days since the Xbox One's launch and already gamers are experiencing issues with the console.

Sony PlayStation sales cross 1 million units on first day

Guess how many units the PlayStation 4 sold on the first day after its launch in North America? A whooping I million units!

Sony launches PlayStation App for iOS and Android ahead of PS4 launch

With the PlayStation 4 poised for a launch on Friday, Sony released its companion mobile app for its upcoming console today.

Candy Crush Saga Designer targets US IPO

The Candy Crush Saga, the uber hit puzzle game’s creator is eyeing for an initial public offering (IPO). Ltd has confidentially filed for the IPO in the United States.

It's shutters for UK-based Blitz Games Studios!

It's shutters for the highly reputed UK developer Blitz Games Studios known for many popular titles, including tie-ins such as Shrek, Spongebob Squarepants and Mickey Mouse!

GTA V: The world awaits 17th September 2013

Grand Theft Auto V is set to be the most anticipated game of 2013 releasing on Xbox 360 and PS3 on 17th September.

“2048” Game: The addictive successor to Flappy Bird

2048 game

While the phenomenally successful game Flappy Bird may hit the app store again sooner or later, a new puzzle game has already begun wooing gaming geeks.

Idea Cellular, Gameloft unite to offer digital, social games to mobile users

Smartphone apps

India’s third largest telecom operator, Idea Cellular has entered into a partnership with Gameloft, a global publisher of digital and social games, to offer Idea users quality gaming experience.