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Best Android games: Angry Birds, Minecraft, and Air Patriots

Angry Birds for Android

Feeling overwhelmed with the ton loads of offerings at the Google Play Store? Well, Money Times offers a peek at the top few games for Android operating system. Read on for more!

Google Keep: Long pending answer to Evernote, Pinterest?

Google Keep

Here comes Google Keep, Android app from Google for creating lists and store photos. Is this service Google’s take on Evernote and photo sharing site Pinterest to an extent? Dr. Gadget wonders!

Google launches Keep to take on Evernote

Latest news from the app world is that Google has come up with Google Keep to compete against Evernote for note-keeping needs.

App Update: Social apps for Meditation, music player and traffic navigation

Waze smartphone app

Whoa! Smartphone apps just keep coming and finding the best one out of the sea of them can be quite a task. Dr Gadget brings you the list of cool new apps for social meditation, social music player, and one that essentially takes navigation to a new level!

App Update: Best smartphone apps this week

My First Orchestra App

Here is the weekly wrap-up of the best smartphone apps for your kids that can quench their thirst for knowledge and give them a primer on musical instruments. Read on for more!

Must have smartphone apps this week

Tempo – Calendar app for iPhone

Find it difficult to keep track of ton loads of apps releasing every week? Money Times brings a round-up of the must have apps that ought to be in your arsenal.

Best games for PS3 and iOS this week

Have you updated your iOS devices or PlayStation 3 consoles with the latest games? Well, here is a quick recap of which ones are hot this week!

App Update: Must have smartphone apps

Facebook Messenger

Smartphone apps keep getting juicier, entertaining, intelligent, and more useful than ever. Dr. Gadget has a look at the latest apps to hit the app stores.

Best photo-editing apps for iPad

iPhoto photo-editing app for iPad

Of late, the 10-inch screen of Apple iPad has turned into the darkroom for many photographers, professionals as well as amateurs. Following few apps will help the photographer inside you to play with the images in myriad ways.

Apps Update: Three fantastic Windows 8 Apps to drive you crazy!

Three fantastic Windows 8 Apps to drive you crazy!

The following apps have incorporated the latest technologies never featured on any Windows version earlier.