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Astonishing! California Driver served ticket! No Google Glass while driving

Careful, my friends please do not wear eyewear resembling the Google Glass as you drive along! Tuesday night witnessed a 44-year-old lady, charged with a ticket as she drove along wearing “Google Glass”.

NASA’s 3D Printer Launch into Space Expected in 2014

NASA’s 3D printer is receiving finishing touches and is almost ready to be shuttled out to the space.

Lift Heavy Objects With Smart Phone Controlled Smart Lifting Device

The latest lifting device that is controlled by smartphone has the ability to lift heavy items, which can weight about 23 kgs just at the press of a button. The myLifter device is developed in the United States and can be controlled easily by installing an app on your smartphone. The device, though small in stature, can lift heavy weighing objects with great ease.

Google glass users can now wink to take snaps!

Google marks the closing of 2013 with massive updates on its Google glass. The updates for December on Google glass has spread a smile on its users face as it announced this Tuesday that they can take photos with this edgy internet linked eyewear by just winking.

Indian Defence Ministry to launch “Netra” for internet surveillance

Indian Government would soon launch defence ministry's internet spy system, called the “Netra,” which that the ministry says has the ability to detect a number of words such as ‘attack, bomb, blast or kill’ within few seconds of time. This spy system can detect such words from various sources such as tweets, emails, blogs, forums, emails, internet calls, status updates, instant messaging etc.

Computer infection via the Internet high in India- Cyber security lab

While the worldwide countries are becoming more secure when it comes to internet security, India’s computer infection rate is climbing, said the latest security bulletin for Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Labs.

Facebook Vs.Twitter: Rivals Eying Bangalore startups for acquisition

Social networking giant Facebook is reportedly in early stage discussions to acquire an Indian app monitoring solutions startup. As per the sources, Facebook is ready to make a splash in the country with the acquisition of Bengaluru-based Little Eye Software Labs Pvt Ltd.

‘Unfollow’: A new way to filter your Facebook newsfeed

The social networking giant Facebook is adding a new feature to its service that is a relatively great way to filter your news feed and keep selected people and their posts out of your feed without them knowing about it.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Apple's Iphone5C and 5S Handsets?

Apple recently released two iPhone's, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. With the launching of these devices Apple announced the release of ios7, but are these really worth buying?

Is Samsung trying to copy Apple?

Samsung has been a major player in mobile phone industry for quite sometime now. There has always been speculation of Samsung copying Apple; Apple suing Samsung for infringement of patents. Then, Samsung suing Apple for the same, but this time did samsung actually crossed the line.