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Higher Credit Card Rates May Be Lurking in Your Mailbox

You'd think that an economic environment chock-full of interest rate cuts from the Fed would lead credit card issuers to gradually decrease the rates they charge us on our plastic. But no -- many cards have actually been raising their rates recently. Bill Hardekopf of, for example, has noted rates moving in directions other than down at cards from American Express (NYSE: AXP), JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), and Bank of America (NYSE: BAC).

4 Steps to Cut Credit Card Debt

When you're in debt, your finances can get overwhelming in a hurry. Just coming up with enough to make your minimum monthly payments on loans and credit cards can push you to the limit.

4 Tips to Make Your Tax Season Easier

With the tax-filing season rapidly approaching, taxpayers can foresee a number of complications that may make their lives more difficult. Here are some tips on what to expect from this crazy year in the tax world, and how you can make the most of it.

Wash Sales and Your IRA

IRAs give investors a lot of tax advantages. But after some taxpayers tried to push their limits, the IRS has reined them back in.

Catch a Rising NuStar

Are you down with MLPs? Master limited partnerships, which are tax-advantaged, high-yielding investment vehicles, were a hot commodity in 2007. In response to high demand, particularly from institutional investors, everyone from Devon (NYSE: DVN) to Pioneer Natural Resources (NYSE: PXD) began looking at ways to package predictable cash-generating assets into MLPs.

6 Ways to Spend Your Rebate

I don't know about you, but I've made several plans for spending my tax rebate. At the top of the list is me sipping a fruity drink on a white-sand beach with a mystery novel in hand, watching the sun set in a cascade of purples and pinks.

Do the Smart Thing With a Tax Rebate

What will you do with your tax rebate? Spending it now might make a nice late Christmas present, but doing something more prudent could end up making a much bigger difference to your finances.

Life and Tax Changes

For every major life change, you'll find associated tax issues. Don't think it's true? Let's see if I can convince you.

Death to Itemized Deductions!

"Itemized deductions." What a lovely pair of words! They give you a tax break for qualified medical, tax, interest, charitable, and other expenses.

The Ultimate Buy Signal

Sometimes, you've just got to ask the Internet a seemingly silly question to see where it takes you. I find that it doesn't necessarily take you where you intended to go, but as Dirk Gently might have said, it gets you some awfully useful information anyway.