Money Matters - Simplified


A Road Map to Wealth

I'm fond of saying that retirement investing is a fairly simple thing, once you cut through all of the noise. And it is -- compared with the challenges we all face at work, with our kids, or just getting Grandma's souffle recipe to work for once, getting retirement investments in shape is a cakewalk.

Handle Your Old 401(k) the Smart Way

Odds are you've had more than one job in your life. If an old employer put some money aside for your retirement, don't just forget about it -- put it to work by investing it the way you want to.

Write a Different Kind of Will

Having your financial affairs in order when you die makes a difficult time more bearable for your survivors. But leaving a lasting and thoughtful legacy involves more than money. (We do cover the money part in detail, too.)

Investing Strategies: Retirement Investing and Asset Allocation

There are lots of different investing philosophies out there for the picking. Some investors focus on value investing, while others favor dividend-paying stocks. Still others like small caps, international stocks, or growth investing. In order to put together into a unified portfolio that will help you retire or meet other long-term goals, however, you need to know how to determine your overall asset allocation. Then you can arm yourself with a high-endurance portfolio that's strong enough to battle a rocky Wall Street and irrational exuberance, yet still full of sensible zestiness.

Want to Retire Rich?

I don't know anyone, except an old friend who became a Zen monk, who doesn't dream of being wealthy someday.

9 Retirement Killers

By Robert Brokamp:

Retirement is the No. 1 goal of investors. Yet, looking at the numbers, it's clear that many investors are undermining their good intentions with unfortunate actions. Here are nine mistakes to avoid if you want your retirement dreams to come true.

A Disastrous Retirement Scenario

A Sicilian man recently lost his primary source of income and access to his home. At 61 years old, this was a tough break, and, sadly, he needed police intervention to get his life back to normal.

Your House Can Pay You to Retire

Getting income for life and staying in your home as long as you want sounds like the perfect combination. If you're cash-strapped and having trouble making ends meet, a product that promised a deal like that would look like a life-saver.

The Best Investment for a Terrible Retirement

Professional athletics is the art -- and increasingly the science -- of transforming sports from the commonplace into the surreal. Whether it's running, shooting baskets, golfing, or even driving a car, professionals take a familiar concept (I know how to swing a club) and bring it to an extreme of performance (a 7-iron 190 yards into the wind to 10 feet). It is physical activity hyperbolized.

Grow Old or Die Trying

I have a friend who recently crossed the big 4-0. Forty years of age. He was more than a bit depressed about it.

"Look, Dwight," I said -- which didn't make much sense since his name isn't Dwight -- "Getting old sucks. No one wants to get old. But you know what's worse? The alternative. If you think about it, growing old is a heck of a lot better than not growing old."