Money Matters - Simplified



Reduce Your Retirement Risk

Sometimes, you have to embrace risk in order to reach your goals. When you can eliminate risk and still get where you want to go, however, you have the best of both worlds.

Add Horsepower to Your Retirement

Uh-oh! You just realized you have a retirement to plan for, and you haven't done anything about it yet. Time to get on the horse and start ridin'!

Fortunately, you have a lot of options available to keep you from eating dog food in your retirement years. Knowing what to do first, however, is often the biggest challenge.

Why You'll Have a Worry-Free Retirement

According to a recent study by Towers Perrin reported in The Wall Street Journal, "The pension plans of Fortune 100 companies ended 2006 with 102.4% of the assets needed to pay pensions indefinitely." That's right ... indefinitely.

The Sleepwalking Millionaire

A million dollars seems like a lot of money because, well, it is a lot of money. Thing is, racking up that sum isn't nearly as difficult as most folks imagine. Indeed, after putting just a few sound financial principles into action, you can basically sleepwalk your way to financial independence. Here's a two-step plan (pun intended) for doing just that.

I Bonds for Retirement?

Savings bonds have given small investors a way to save for generations. But lately, returns on savings bonds just haven't kept up with other investments.

Not so long ago, savings bonds were hard to beat. From 2000 to 2002, when the stock market was in the doldrums and short-term interest rates bottomed out at 1%, Series I savings bonds -- also known as I bonds -- were leaving their competitors in the dust.


Stop Worrying and Do Something

One day, I hope I'll read a survey stating that 98% of women are on track for comfortable retirements, that 87% of them own their own homes, that only 1.3% of them carry sizable credit card debt, and that the majority of them are investing effectively via the stock market.