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Understanding Tightened Mortgage Availability

It's no secret that mortgage availability in the United States has been down in recent years. Prior to the global financial crisis, mortgages were a lot easier to get hold of, but now it seems you need a good credit score to stand a chance, and even that is no guarantee of success.

Marriage and the Moolah

Since money is capable of connoting a host of different meanings to different people, it has become a dreaded topic of discussion, and consequently, a premier reason for divorces.

Home tax credit stimulates housing market

New York, October 25 -- The government’s tax credit for the qualified homebuyers seems to have worked well for the nation’s real estate sector, which has been hit hardest by recession.

August foreclosures at 358471, more defaults expected

New York, September 10: With a surge in number of home owners defaulting on their mortgage payments, foreclosure filings in the nation crossed 300,000 for the sixth straight month, according to data provider RealtyTrac Inc.

8 Things Your Real Estate Broker Will Never Reveal

Real estate agents are thought to be almost indispensable for property transactions. While you may assume that your property is in safe hands, there could be conflicting interests you’re unaware of.

10 Tips on Cutting Electricity Costs

The cost is higher than ever and is not going down any time soon. So the only alternative is to cut costs. Here are a few guidelines on how to do it:

6 Handy Tips for Buying a House

The blend of low house prices, still-low interest rates and appealing tax incentives can sure help the discerning buyers find real bargains. But the process of buying a home can be off-putting at times. The following tips can come handy:

5 Pointers to Plan Your Budget

Creating a budget and rigorously implementing it is tough, but it is the best tool to regulate your finances and meet your monetary goals.

5 Tips to Home In on the Best Home Insurance Policy

Buying a house is the most valuable investment for most of us. Being a valuable asset, it calls for protection in the form of insurance.

Selling Your House? Avoid these Pitfalls

A sale of something as large as a house has a lot of factors influencing it, and you would do well to take care of certain basics to ensure the sale goes through properly.