Money Matters - Simplified


Life Insurance for Children?

Some companies sell it. Others hate it. Is it ever smart to buy life insurance on your children's lives?

Health Insurance: A Healthy Move

Good health is something very few can take fro granted. With rising healthcare costs it is very expensive to be ill. Though insurance can’t prevent unforeseen events, it can help you and your family cope well in times of need.

Insure Everything?

The world can be a risky place, and insurance helps you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets from catastrophe. Nowadays, there's a whole new cast of catastrophes from terrorist attacks to sudden iPod malfunctions, but do you really need to insure yourself against each and every possible calamity?

Look Out for Pet Health Insurance

Owning a pet often means having to make painful decisions, such as, "Do I spend another $1,000 to get Fido treated, or will I have to say goodbye to a loyal friend?"

Unusual Insurance You Might Need

We're all familiar with the usual suspects in the insurance business. Companies like Allstate (NYSE: ALL) and Travelers (NYSE: TRV) offer wide varieties of insurance. And there are all sorts of policies you can choose from: life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, renter's insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and even pet health insurance.

A Chubb-y Hubby of a Buyback

Despite all the talk of constriction in the credit markets, Wall Street's buyback binge continues. The latest adherent to the "corporation, buy thyself" philosophy is large-cap property & casualty (P&C) insurer Chubb (NYSE: CB), which last Thursday announced an "up to 28 million"-share buyback of its own stock ... and saw the value of that stock fall 2% in response.

Protect Your Family When Disability Strikes

Most of us know enough to draw up a will, especially if we have dependents to protect. But what a majority of folks fail to do is to secure disability insurance, something they are far more likely to need. Don't believe me? Then try these statistics on for size:

The No-Fault Insurance Rip-Off

Insurance coverage should give you incentives to act on good behavior. But when any accident -- even one that's not your fault -- forces you to file with your own insurance company, how are you rewarded for trying your best?

3 Steps to Safety in Disaster

Imagine you're suddenly forced to flee your home, knowing that wildfires will turn it and everything inside it into ash. (For many in southern California, this nightmare has been happening.)

Health Insurance for Young Retirees

Let's say you were lucky enough to be able to retire early. Or maybe you find yourself in an early retirement not out of your own choice. Chances are, not only have your regular paychecks stopped coming, but your company-provided health insurance is also gone.