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How Does Debt Relief Affect Your Credit Score

Debt relief and credit score

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debt load, you may be tempted to seek out debt relief. However, you must keep in mind that debt relief can have a negative effect on your credit score.

Electronic transactions’ impact on branch banking

We are advancing ahead to replace the financially trained bankers with automated machines and chest of drawers with super computers and servers. There is a drastic change in the interface between bank and customer after advent of modern machines & growing demand of E-commerce.

Foolproof Strategies for Eliminating Debt

Getting out of debt can be a tricky proposition. However, it is also a task that a lot of people like to tackle at the outset of a new year.

What suits you best: Lease a car or owning it?

Owning a four wheeler can be a tedious task but when you weigh the pros against the cons, you don't have to tell me what you would like to have. The most important question however, is if you should lease a car or splurge the money on a new one.

Climbing Out of Debt in 2013

Credit card bills will soon arrive and show how much households spent during the holidays. Chances are good that many consumers added a few hundred dollars of debt to their credit card accounts which already averaged nearly $5,000 per cardholder.

How to Deal with post Christmas financial blues

Christmas may just be over, but it can take months for some people to get their finances straightened after the festive period. January is one of the worst months for debt.

Top three big screen phones under Rs. 11000

Nokia Lumia 510

Are you looking for a big screen budget phone, but not able to spot the available options? Well, Money Times helps you by listing the top three big screen phones at less than Rs. 11000.

Wealth Building Tips For Every Professional

Wealth Building Tips For Every Professional

You might be already aware that execution of well laid out plans over a period of time is necessary for building wealth. Here are some tips beyond the usual rhetoric about long term investing and SIPs.

Thinking of Affiliate Marketing? Beware of Scams

Internet Affiliate Marketing (IAM) is a widely popular and profitable business concept on the Web. It is a primarily a fusion of merchants and an affiliate’s service network or Web site.

Money Pledges for 2011

Even small changes in your money behavior can help you attain a better financial position. The Money Times suggests some money resolutions, capable of changing your money status this year.