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IRDA’s unique insurance repositories to be inaugurated by Chidambaram

The IRDA’s insurance repositories will be inaugurated by P. Chidambaram, the Union Finance Minister, on the September 16th. This is a first time unique insurance repository of its kind that will have the insurers offer policies under a unique number code, which will be registered with the insurance repositories, authorized by the IRDA.

Some pointers to help understand Tax Planning Concept!

Tax planning

We are all familiar with tax planning. How often have all sat before the TV to watch our Finance Minister read out the General Budget and wondered if the budget is good or bad for us.

Filing your taxes? Don't forget these little details!

Tax returns guide

Albert Einstein once quoted that the hardest thing to understand in the world was income tax. Now if a genius like him was having trouble, it is no wonder that people of average intellect break into a cold sweat at the mere mention of income tax!

How Does Debt Relief Affect Your Credit Score

Debt relief and credit score

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debt load, you may be tempted to seek out debt relief. However, you must keep in mind that debt relief can have a negative effect on your credit score.

Planning to Reduce Your Debt? Get Practical

If you are determined to reduce your debt and are serious about this, it pays to get practical. Look at your budget and figure out exactly how you can make the best use of your monthly income.

Credit Card Debt & Delinquencies Fall in First Quarter of 2013

Americans are doing a better job of paying off their credit card debt, and they are doing so in a timely manner.

Foolproof Strategies for Eliminating Debt

Getting out of debt can be a tricky proposition. However, it is also a task that a lot of people like to tackle at the outset of a new year.

Climbing Out of Debt in 2013

Credit card bills will soon arrive and show how much households spent during the holidays. Chances are good that many consumers added a few hundred dollars of debt to their credit card accounts which already averaged nearly $5,000 per cardholder.

How to Deal with post Christmas financial blues

Christmas may just be over, but it can take months for some people to get their finances straightened after the festive period. January is one of the worst months for debt.

Stressed out by debt? Tremendous tips for debt management

Tremendous tips for debt management

Has the ever-burgeoning debt stressed you out? Well, you are not alone; there might be thousands other like you across the globe. You got to deal with the situation somehow. To achieve this purpose following tips will help you out.