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Flipkart in Conversation with Present and New Investors to raise $125 mn

Mumbai: Only after three months when the online retailer Flipkart had raised $200 million, the company seems to be on its journey to raise $125 million. Its Flipkart Holdings Singapore, the Singapore-based branch, has been involved in the said process.

Is Samsung trying to copy Apple?

Samsung has been a major player in mobile phone industry for quite sometime now. There has always been speculation of Samsung copying Apple; Apple suing Samsung for infringement of patents. Then, Samsung suing Apple for the same, but this time did samsung actually crossed the line.

India’s Dabur plans to bid adieu to Aviva

We think it’s time to wish Aviva a goodbye! FMCG player Dabur is all geared up to bid UK-based financial services major Aviva Plc adieu. The FMCG player Dabur and financial services Aviva shared 10 years of a joint life insurance venture in the Indian Markets.

Hyundai launches XCent, to challenge Amaze and Dezire

Hyundai Xcent

Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) may be a late entrant in the Indian compact sedan category, but the second largest carmaker in India plans to play the ‘catch up’ game in this segment.

Google+ goes Facebook way, breaks into e-commerce world

Not only consumers, even the social media has been swept away with this business too! In a significant move, social networking giant Google+ has joined hands with online e-commerce biggie “The Fancy” to introduce itself to e-Commerce world.

"We just got sold to McDonalds!" Hackers' tweet on behalf of Burger King

The latest victim of the hackers is Burger King joint's Twitter account. The fans of Burger King and McDonald's were in a big shock when a tweet occurred on Burger King’s Twitter account on Monday afternoon: "We just got sold to McDonalds! Look for McDonald's in a hood near you @DFNCTSC".

Apple has to wait to file Siri lawsuit against Samsung

Apple may have to wait to file second lawsuit against Samsung for landmark patent, till the time decision is not rolled over on the first lawsuit in the appeals court, says Federal Judge Lucy Koh, who is presiding over the ruling of summer's landmark trial.

Zuckerberg clears rumors of Facebook entering mobile market

Waving off all the rumors about Facebook hitting the markets with a new mobile phone, the company’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, clearly said that the company has no intensions of building its own mobile phone.

Cheap Windows 8 upgrade opportunity slipping fast!

Cheap Windows 8 upgrade opportunity slipping fast!

Microsoft's $39.99 offer for Windows 8 upgrade is due expiring Thursday night. There is still some time left to lay your hands on the OS, even if you do not wish to install it at the moment.

Microsoft’s Collaboration With Dell raises Eyebrows

With the release of its new tablet, computer and planning to make a strategic investment in Dell Inc, Microsoft fears the risk of deepening fissures with its partners. Microsoft may contribute $2 billion dollar for the deal between SilverLake and Dell.