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Oldest pottery fired 20,000 years ago found in China

Excavations by a team of Chinese and US archaeologists in south-east China have yielded a sample of pottery believed to be the oldest known so far in the world.

US computer scientist Ivan Sutherland wins Kyoto Prize

American scientist, Ivan Sutherland, considered a pioneer of the computer graphics industry, has received the Kyoto Prize, one of the most prestigious international prizes in technology.

Dairy farming prospered at least 7,000 year ago

Milk that has been glorified as a wholesome balanced diet in the modern era.But it has been a safe and reliable food source for a very long time claims a new research.

Should wealthy seniors leave an inheritance to their kids?

Some bad news for kids with well-heeled, privileged parents! Inheriting large sums of money from wealthy seniors may turn out to be just a pipe dream!

Study finds American heads are getting bigger

It may sound a trifle bizarre, but white Americans' heads are changing rapidly, claims a new study.

Social inequality began 7000 years ago--study

Social prejudice is not a modern concept, but an early feature going back to the Stone Age more than 7000 years ago, claims a new study.

Apple's chief designer is now 'Sir' Jonathan Ive!

Apple's senior vice president of industrial design, Jonathan Ive, the genius behind the company's many iconic creations was knighted by Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace, Wednesday.

Jill Tarter steps down as director of SETI

After spending 35 years scanning the universe for extraterrestrial intelligence, Jill Tartar, 68, the real-life astronomer who inspired Jodie Foster's character in the film 'Contact' is retiring.

Sea grass traps more heat than forest -- Study

According to the latest study initiated by the researchers state that sea grass plays a vital role in controlling heat as it absorbs more heat compared to forests.

Daytime meteor sighted over Nevada

An unusual daytime meteor was spotted in Nevada Sunday morning, triggering a flood of calls in the law enforcement agencies offices.