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iPhone hacker Comex ousted from Apple internship

Its official! Jailbreaking expert Nicholas Allegra hired to intern for Apple Inc. last year has parted ways with the tech giant.

Google's unified privacy policy irks the EU

Europe fears breach of privacy with Google's unified private policy

Brands that once ruled the market!

Once World's leading brands, are now finding it hard to sustain their hold over the maket.

Hold on your 'Freedom of expression', else face prosecution !

An Indiana man Michael has been slapped with legal prosecution for uploading derogatory remarks against DEA agents.

Hasn't Apple learned from infamous 1990's wrath faced by Nike?

The extreme violent clash between the labour and the management killed General Manager at Maruti Manesar plant in India earlier this year.

LinkedIn introduces groundbreaking app, allows users to follow global icons

In a bid to boost its popularity, LinkedIn allows its users to follow their favorite visionaries while building professional links!

Nokia vice-president leaves company for unknown reasons

In the midst of its new Lumia rollout, one of Nokia’s most senior executives has abruptly left the company.

No strike occurred at iPhone 5 factory, says Foxconn

Ensuring an uninterrupted supply of iPhone 5, Apple’s Chinese partner Foxconn on Saturday denied reports of its workers going on a strike over any management issue.

Foxconn workers on strike over iPhone 5 quality control issue

Mounting pressures pertaining to the quality standards from Apple Inc. have compelled workers at its outsourcing partner Foxconn to call for another strike, confirms latest tech-biz reports.

Michael Schumacher bids farewell to F1 for second time

Michael Schumacher will retire from Formula One for a second time, at the end of this season.