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Fiat buying remaining 6% US stake in Chrysler

Fiat is all set to buy the remaining 6 percent shares of the U.S. government in Chrysler, taking its stake above 50 percent in the Auburn Hills automaker.

Crystal Cathedral sells for $46mn, evades bankruptcy

The Crystal Cathedral, the gleaming iconic glass-walled church in Southern California, is selling its property to rescue itself from bankruptcy and pay back its creditors.

Atlantic City's Trump Marina renamed Golden Nugget

As the Golden Nugget is preparing to re-enter the Atlantic City market, the famous 'TRUMP MARINA' sign that has been on the Trump Marina Hotel casino since 1997 has been removed, signifying change in ownership.

Labelux acquires Jimmy Choo for $812mn

In an attempt to strengthen its foothold in luxury market, Labelux, the privately held group has acquired the high-end shoe and accessories label Jimmy Choo, leaving behind other potential buyers TPG Capital and Jones Group.

EBay's Donahoe buys GSIC

eBAY acquires GSIC

EBAY CEO, John Donahoe, has become the owner of the biggest e-commerce marketplace with his acquisition of GCIS.

KHC, Betalco’s bid for Zain’s Saudi stake clears first round

A deal which could be a step in the direction of the further strengthening of mobile service providers in the Middle East, Zain, the telecommunication firm from Kuwait, is said to have primarily accepted the bid for its operations in Saudi Arab.

Seahawk Drilling files for bankruptcy

Seahawk Drilling, Inc. filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Texas. The company plans to sell its assets to its rival company Hercules Offshore Inc. for about $100 billion in cash and stock.

Government approves Comcast-NBC deal, imposes conditions

The federal regulators have approved Comcast Corp. bid to takeover NBC Universal Tuesday but have imposed certain conditions.

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