Money Matters - Simplified


Brands that once ruled the market!

Once World's leading brands, are now finding it hard to sustain their hold over the maket.

All obsessed with Android tablets? Wait Windows RT is here

Unlike Apple, Microsoft will launch its Tablet Operating System with other brands also. This shall pose a direct challenge to the existing players; Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Amazon wil refund amounts on E books purchase

The antitrust settlements will allow the users to get credit amount for the e-books purchased between April 1, 2010 and May 21, 2012.

Hasn't Apple learned from infamous 1990's wrath faced by Nike?

The extreme violent clash between the labour and the management killed General Manager at Maruti Manesar plant in India earlier this year.

Apple's loss is Google's gain? Rethink!

Its too early to write off Apple from the market. The company values its customer's love, and develops better applications

Experts confused with unexpected fall in oil prices

A market tumult was observed by the U.S Regulators and traders, due to a frantic and elevated volume of trading on Monday. The trade resulted in trimming of oil price by $4 late Monday, leaving traders and regulators desperately guessing the cause for this fast and irate plunge in oil market in recent years.

Government to disinvest in 5 PSUs including HCL and OIL

In order to tackle growing fiscal deficit and mal-reforms in the country, the government has decided to prop up disinvestment as a measure for collecting a chunk of 18,000 crores and getting the derailed economy back on tracks.

The Endless War: Saudi Arabia Goes on the Offensive Against Iran

Ongoing Disorders in the island kingdom of Bahrain since February of 2011 have set off alarm bells in Riyadh.

Spanish troubles induce thunderstorms in euro

The Euro Zone crisis, which has long been playing an absolute carnage in the global market, has now hammered the final nail to seal the coffin for European economy.

AMD’s outlook kills share value, officials stumped

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.(AMD), the international semiconductor tycoon, on Monday announced its viewpoint regarding the revenue processed during the recently concluded second quarter of 2012.