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Sun Pharma shares clamber up! Then why net loss?

Now that’s surprising!! After admitting to a net loss of almost Rs. 1,276 crores in the June quarter, the top drug maker in India, Sun Pharmaceuticals shares have shown to be jumping up 9%!

Scientists create a detailed 3D map of the brain

In a groundbreaking research for neuroscience, researchers have created the first-ever ultra-high resolution 3D digital reconstruction of a complete human brain.

Indian drug reps offer ‘perks’ for promoting brands

Think marketing doesn’t do any good in pharmaceutical sales? Think again! Turns out Indian doctors are influenced in their prescribing habits by the perks offered.

Sea grass traps more heat than forest -- Study

According to the latest study initiated by the researchers state that sea grass plays a vital role in controlling heat as it absorbs more heat compared to forests.

Feeling too optimistic? It could be a brain malfunction!

Looking at the bright side of things is often believed to have a positive impact on life, but unrealistic optimism may have a serious downside, finds a new study.

Merck's diabetes-cholesterol pill gets FDA nod

Merck & Co. Inc.,'s first combination pill for type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol has received the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) clearance.

Merck's new drug 'Juvisync,' which is a combination of two drugs Januvia and Zoco, is the first such

Duke LifePoint Healthcare acquires PMH

Duke LifePoint Healthcare, joint venture of Duke University Health System and LifePoint Hospitals, has acquired Person Memorial Hospital (PMH), a community hospital located in rural Person County, North Carolina.

The deal was finalized on Sept.

ADHD kids misjudge road risk

Children with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are more likely to misjudge road risk, making them more vulnerable to road accidents, researchers warn.

Smart Ways to Save on Health Care

Follow these simple ways to cut the health care cost and make it more affordable.

Unexpected Birth Story: 23-year-old woman didn't know she was pregnant!

You may have heard of a carefully planned delivery or the one which occurred due to miscalculated dates or a birth control measure that did not work. But what would you say about woman who didn't know she was carrying a child until labor kicked in.