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Recycling Old Cell Phones, the Cell For Cash Way

Over the past twenty years, cell phones have gone from being a luxury to a necessity. According to current estimates, there are more than 3 billion cell phone users worldwide, resulting in millions of obsolete and unused phones floating around. The danger from these unused phones is in the metals they contain. Unless disposed off properly, they can cause serious damage to all around.

Why should I recycle my cell phone?
With a large number of these phones ending up in landfills, landfill leakage is a major environmental concern today. The potential damage is scary to even think of: the toxins from a single phone can pollute up to 132,000 liters of water. Cadmium from the cell phone can damage the kidneys; lead can affect the central and peripheral vision. Mercury poisoning can cause brain damage.

The need of the hour is to recycle these obsolete phones. One way to prevent this from becoming a reality is ensuring the cell phones you dispose off are recycled. In the U.S. alone, only 2.3% of the over 500 million obsolete phones are recycled. In this scenario, having a facility to recycle these phones becomes critical. Today, we will review, a website that helps you recycle your cellphones.

The Cell for Cash website gives you the value for your obsolete phone by buying it from you, and recycles these phones in collaboration with RMS Communication Group. There are specific criteria your phone would have to meet to qualify for a sale at Cell for Cash. In the event your phone does not qualify, the site gives you recycling options –donate it online, trade it in, or drop it off at some convenient location.

The best thing about Cell for Cash is it helps increase awareness levels about the dangers unused cell phone pose to the environment and how to avert such a scenario. There is a section with articles pertaining to the subject and an e-book that can be downloaded. A free newsletter, an affiliate program, a cell phone bank, and promotions make the site user friendly and interesting to browse through.

Cell for Cash accepts phones from 25 manufacturers. It buys the phones off customers at discounted prices. Customers can find out what their old phone will fetch by typing in the manufacturer’s name and selecting the relevant model. Customers can also search by image.

The site has been designed to maximize usability and is hard to fault mostly. A search engine has been incorporated to make the process of identifying your phone easier. Currently, it is also running a contest that gives customers the chance to win $1,000.

However, as with many other US-based sites, non US customers wanting to sell their phones face a major problem at Cell for Cash. The website accepts addresses only in the US. This information is something that needs to be displayed on the home page, so non-US users do not feel let down at the end of an exhaustive search.

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