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Cost effective solution for your Merchant Account

Internet has forever changed two very important aspects of our lives – the way we communicate and the way we do business. Businesses from all sections of industry today – entertainment, sports, insurance, etc. – have a presence on the Internet. Today, we will review a website that deals with the transaction process industry. helps merchants to manage the opportunities and risks associated with payment processing. It has as customers businesses of all sizes, and positions itself as a player that facilitates the growth of small to medium businesses.

You need to apply for a Merchant Account to be able to use the services on offer. The kind of merchant account you have would depend on the kind of business establishment you are running – e-Commerce, retail, phone/mail order, wireless, or restaurant. It also offers you the Telecheck facility, a digital transaction process.

The site offers a range of user-friendly options to customers. These include a guarantee of low rates and fees, free account set-up, a free virtual credit card machine, free shopping cart set-up for online businesses, and a secure payment gateway.

Other customer-friendly offerings include free software, free reprogramming services for customer credit card machines, free shipping, free round-the-clock customer support, and also free online reporting.

The site has many things going for it. Having the highest approval ratings and an award winning presence (Gold Award in Top Ten Reviews) are just two of them. These two, along with the other services mentioned earlier, are enough to ensure a customer base of more than 300,000 merchants.

While all these above features make a popular website among merchants, there are a few things that strike an odd chord. There is no mention anywhere on the website of what the ‘low rates and fees’ translate to. You need to fill an online form and wait for a merchant specialist to contact you, or call their customer support number to actually learn about these.

However, all these are small issues. A major issue: the pre-application form available is valid for only US-based businesses, but there is no mention of this anywhere on the home page. Having this message on the home page is vital, as otherwise non US-based merchants could spend time browsing through the site and its features only to realize, at the time of filling the form, that they are not eligible for this service.

The site itself is well-designed and has a simple and effective layout. A sober color scheme adds to the easy readability of the content.