Money Matters - Simplified

Maximise your returns with Money Market Instruments & Certificate of Deposits

Investing your hard earned money prudently is an art and it can be so intimidating that most people require help of professional advisers for making learned decisions. These professional advisers play a great role is guiding the potential investors.

With the help of the site, you don’t need to hire any adviser to select funds earning prevailing highest rates of interest. The site helps the investors to select and in high yield instruments.

The site has launched two tools that help compare Money Market Rates and best CD rates as offered by most reputed and accessible banks in the region. The site, with the help of these tools and navigation, offers exhaustive details about rates and other facilities offered by each bank as FDIC insurance, Annual Percentage Yield (APY), duration of deposit etc. For the discerning visitors that may have appetite for more information, there are many useful blog posts too, that offer tons of information.

I have seen many such sites and I must say, the navigation of the site is commendably simple and easy to use. Use of tools requires no Java script plug in and instantly offers the comparison of APY, minimum deposit requirements and comments from other users to make learned decision. I am sure the site would command excellent repeat visitor rate.

A better review structure consisting of ratings on different aspects such as service standards, value for money and so on would be a big plus in providing exhaustive comparisons to users. Anonymous ratings although highly debatable do leave a scope for manipulation. Having the reviewer name & email would add a little more authenticity to the whole thing.

Secondly, if more details of the product can be given such as if a CD would automatically renew at the maturity, or if a given CD carries penalty for early withdrawal and thirdly Credit Rating done by a rating agency, if any, of the banker, would make the site a perfect one.

  • Author Information: Author, R S Chawla is a CA based in Canada and also contributes business articles on